Saturday 9 January 2021


 Posted from '4:30pm bells' onwards, Saturday 9th January 2021

*Live goal updates az they happen! Plus any incidents, possession rates, shots on goal etc

Geordie Times predictions

25% possession and 4 efforts on target for NUFC

But we wont predict the score!πŸ™

Halfway through 1st half and amazingly NUFC have had 53% possession but nee shots on goal!  The Arse have had 3 good chances but Dubravka in the Toon goal has come to the rescue!

Clark takes a throw in az the broon ale flows!(View from mee livin room!)

*HT 0-0  possession doon to 35%   still nee shots on target   nee corners to us but The Arse have had 5

Hooray 52nd minute   shot on goal from Carroll!

And from a Toon fans telly in Maynoooth, Ireland!

Spot the headless chicken?

*Halfway through 2nd half

40% possession and 1 shot on goal and still nee corners for us! (We predicted 4 shots, not lookin good for that!)

88th minute  1st corner to us "WOW!"

Stoppage time  Carroll should have scored!--missed goal altogether! "Oh Carroll!"

FT 0-0   Extra time   Wot have we done to deserve 30 minutes more of this!?

                          Remember--2 metres apart lads!

*HT extra time  still 0-0 ( wor lass is gannin mad coz they've cancelled 'Casualty' az the futbaall haz overran!)

Still just 2 shots on goal from NUFC!--riveting stuff!

goal at last but it's for The Arse! 12 mins of extra time left!

1-0 doon!

goal 2-0 doon 117th minute and the season is dead already az far az trophies are concerned!

At least we cannit get drawn against Chorley in the next roond!

Full time!

After the match Broken Nose Bruce dug oot one of his tired old excuses after yet another defeat!

"We've got to dust ourselves down and go again!"


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