Sunday 10 January 2021


 Posted '6:09pm bells' Sunday 10th January 2021


Below are 'Broken Nose Bruce's 'excuses' for the last 7 winless games! Won 0   Drawn 2    Lost 5

The Arse lost 2-0

"We've got to dust ourselves down and go again!" (the umpteenth time he's said this!)

"In 18 months we've been to 2 quarter finals!" (WOW!)

"I thought Andy Carroll was fantastic!" (he missed 2 sitters!) 

"We've got to roll our sleeves up!" (the umpteenth time he's said this!)

Lestaa lost 2-1

"We gave the ball away cheaply!" (VERY cheaply!)

"I can't fault the players effort!" (2 shots on target!)

"We have been punished!" 

"You have to stay with it!"
(stay with WOT?)

The Liverbirds drew 0-0

"We gave the ball away cheaply!" (see above)

"They put in a hell of a shift!" (27% possession at home, 2 shots on target!)

"It was a great performance!" (0-0?)

Man City lost 2-0

"We are where we are!" (near the bottom of the table) 

"It is what it is!"---"The fans have got to accept it!" (that we will remain a mediocre team!) 

"There was mass hysteria and histrionics after the Brentford game and the criticism in my opinion was unjust!" (Oh no it wasn't!)

"It was a decent performance!" (lost 2-0) (Man City had 88% possession in the 2nd half!) (2 shots on target)

"They rolled their sleeves up!" (see above)

Brentford lost 1-0 

"We've got to dust ourselves down!" (see above)

"I am not one to make excuses!" (EH!)

"Progress was there for everyone to see!---we got to a quarter final!" (By beating Morecambe and Newport--after a penalty shootout!)

Fulham drew 1-1

"I cant fault the players effort!" (see above) (Despite playin against 10 men for most of the 2nd half, Fulham STILL had more possession!)

"We can perform better than we didn't!" (Whatever thats supposed to mean?)

"We'll dust ourselves down (see above) and get ready for Tuesday!" (Brentford away)

Leeedz lost 5-2

"Up til the 75th minute I thought we were comfortable!" (The game actually lasts for 90 minutes, Steve!)

"We cant make those mistakes we made here!" (But we DID!)

"We gave the ball away cheaply!" (see above) 

"I'll leave it for other people to judge!" (👎)

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