Sunday, 31 March 2019


Posted '9:32am bells' Sunday 31st March 2019


For the 15th successive time we play away on a Munday neet and this iz wor 3rd time this season, followin' games at Bornley and Wolves!

We travel doon at dinnaatime tomorrow and will arrive at King's Cross in good time for some 'liquid lubrications' after dumpin' wor owerneet bags in the hotel not far away from the station!

We've anly won here once in 13 visits since 'The Arse' moved to 'The Emirates' in 2006, when Andy Carroll got the winner 9 years ago in a 1-0 win----since then we have lost 6 times in a row and not tooo many people give us any chance of breakin that sequence tomorrow!

Results yesterday meen that we slip to 14th place in the table and we can anly hope that Chelski win at Cardiff this afternoon to keep the gap at 7 points between us and them!
'uddersfeeeld are relegated, soon to be followed by Fulim and hopefully Cardiff! 

Lets hope that we arnt 'The April Fools' come '10:00 bells' tomorrow neet!
A full 'Geordie Times' match report will appear here sometime on Tuesday morning on the train back from London!

Meeenwhile, tomorrow, we will publish a 'classic' archive 'April Fools Day' match report from 1972, when we played Sheffeeeld United at Bramall Lane!

Friday, 29 March 2019


Posted '4:38pm bells' Friday 29th March 2019

On Munday we heed for 'the smoke' (London) yet again for the umpteenth time this season, where we take on 'The Arse' at 'The Em'!

The Geordie Times forst ever visit to London woz way back in 1968 when the UK WOZ an INDEPENDENT country, FREE from words like 'Brexit' and 'Backstop' AND 'decimalisation', where money woz in pounds, shillings and pence and match admission woz 2 shillings (10 pence) for school kids like me!

Arsenal Stadium, Highbury woz the venue 51 years ago where NUFC played oot a 0-0 draw on the 9th of November !

It seems like a lifetime (and a half!) ago, and a match report from that game iz reproduced in the archive match report below
(Ground number 004) "IS HAROLD IN?"

004 highbury arsenal


Date of First Visit: 9th NOVEMBER 1968




ATTENDANCE 34,168 (2,000 Toon fans)


Mee 'debut' visit tih the 'smoke' tih see the Toon play Arsenal, torned oot tih be a real 'eye opener'. For 'innocent'? school kid's like meesel and mee mate 'Billy' the thing that fascinated us as we travelled on the supporters bus through the streets of London was just how big the bloody place was.

Mile after mile of endless streets an' buildings, and even at six in the mornin' it was quite busy.
(Wi'd left Tyneside at midnight, as yih did in those days)

As this was wor forst time doon London to watch The Toon, we were taken tih see 'the sights' like 'The Hooses of Parliament', 'The Tower of London', and 'Big Ben'.

Next to the Hooses of Parliament there was an aad gadgie sellin' poppies from a staall as it was rememberance Sunday the followin' day. Aa got mee eye on a huge poppy at the back the size of a futbaall rosette and insisted that that!was the one aa wanted!

Aa gave him a threpny bit and he reluctantly pinned it to the lapel on mee 'nanny goat' an' aa felt as pleased as punch with mee new 'fashion accessory' as aa sauntered off doon the road! (aa say 'reluctantly', as aa think he wanted more than threepence for it!) (one pence in todays money!)

Aalso on the tour was a visit tih Downing Street, where aa was hopin' tih meet Harold Wilson, the then Prime Minister, for a bit 'crack' aboot futbaall. (he supported Huddersfield Town)

In the 1960's, yih could actually waalk reet up tih the front door of 'Number 10' (unlike nuw, where there are huged spiked gates at the bottom of the street tih bar the way, because of the threat of terrorism) (how times change!) 'Officer Dibble' was guardin' the front entrance, and aa asked him if ah could knock on the door and speak tih the Prime Minister.

"Is Harold in?", aa said in an optimistic voice, "a'v got some important business tih discuss with him aboot futbaall!",
---but, aall ah got was one of those,

---Aa thought it best not tih ask him again, for the fear of bein' hoyed into 'The Tower of London', so wih left very disappointed, (not knowin' what 'Harold' thought of the Toon's chances that day!) and headed for Islington, 'Norf Landon'!.

We arrived at Highbury a while later, and (as luck would have it!) the team bus pulled up ootside the main entrance just as wih got there.
The directors, one wearin' a monocle! (a member of the 'McKeag Clan', ah think?) got off forst, and with their 'noses in the air', they completely ignored the loyal fans who'd travelled doon tih London.

The players in contrast, (a'm glad tih say!) acknowledged the waitin' supporters and signed a few autographs before gannin in.

The uniformed usher on the door looked very regal (as did the stadium!) and as wih entered the East Stand paddock the grandeur of Highbury was there for aall tih see.

The two double decker 'mirror image' stands, with whitewashed balcony waalls on either side of the pitch, looked very impressive, and it was certainly a million miles better than anything wih had at St. James' Park (which still had open terracin' on two sides of the pitch!) To wor right was The Northbank End where the Arsenal 'choir' congregated underneath the roofed terraces and to wor left was the open Clock End which (of course!) had a huge clock the size of 'Big Ben' at the rear of the terracin'

Aalthough the match ended nowts each, it was far from a borin' game, with the Toon by far the better team, and for every save that McFaul in the Newcastle goal had tih mek, his counterpart Bob Wilson in the Arsenal goal had tih mek two.

However, 'The Mags' were very lucky not tih give a penalty away when 'Pop' Robson punched an Arsenal shot ower the bar, which the ref. and linesman did'nt see (much tih the annoyance of 'The Gunners' forwards!) who had tih settle for a corner.

Later on, things evened themselves oot, when 'Pop' evaded several tackles, in a run from one end of the pitch tih the other.

His shot, which was gannin in, was deflected tih Jackie Sinclair who fired a powerful drive into the net!---anly for the ref. tih disallow it for offside!. (looked o.k. tih me, like?)

This was an excellent performance from the 'Black 'n' Whites' in a game wih should iv won easily.
On the final whistle wih headed for the 'bright lights' of the 'West End' with wor 'guides', and in particular, we made for the seedy 'red light strip joints' of 'Soho' for some more 'sight seein'! ('Fenwick's window' in Northumberland Street was neva like this!)

(For 'innocent' 14 year old's like me and Billy, this was the REAL 'EYE OPENER'!)

©Fink ™(the mad-sad grundhpper!)


Wednesday, 27 March 2019


Posted '3:44pm bells' Wedinzday 27th March 2019


*The forst ever games at Sporz new groond woz played on Sunday when Sporz U18s played Sooothampton U18s and won 3-1 in front of a 28,000 crowd!

Sporz forst team will play there for the forst time when they meet Cristil  Paliss on April 3rd, meenin' that 'The NUFC mad-sad groundhoppers' will have a new Premyaa Leegue groond to add to wor list, hopefully next season (provided we divvint gan doon of course!)

This meeenz that oot of the current 20 Premyaa Leegue clubs, NINE have now moved to new stadiums in recent years, with Evaatin planning to move to 'pastures new' by 2023!

The Geordie Times haz actually been to 29 old and new groonds of the 20 current Premyaa Leegue sides! (with number 30 still to be visited of course!)

In the order of visits (some stadium names have changed)
1 St James' Park, Newcasil
2 Anfield, Liverpoool
3 Highbury, Arsenil (now a housin complex) 
4 Molineux, Wolves
5 Maine Road, Man C (now a hoosin complex)
6 The Dell, Sooothampton (now a housin complex)
7 Upton Park, West Ham (now a housin complex)
8 Selhurst Park, Cristil Palliss
9 Goodison Park, Evertin
10 Filbert Street, Lestaa
11 Leeds Road, 'uddersfeeeld (now a retail park)
12 Stamford Bridge, Chelski
13 Old Trafford, Moan U
14 White Hart Lane, Sporz (now demolished)
15 Turf Moor, Bornley
16 Craven Cottage, Fulim
17 Goldstone Ground, Brightin  (now a housin complex)
18 Ninian Park, Cadifff (now a housin complex)
19 Vicarage Road, Wotfaad
20 Dean Court, Bournemoooth
21 McAlpine Stadium, 'uddersfeeeld (junior game)
22 St Mary's Stadium, Sooothampton
23 Walkers Stadium, Lestaa
24 City of Manchester Stadium, Man C
25 Emirates Stadium, Arsenil
26 Cardiff City Stadium, Cardiff
27 Amex Stadium, Brightin
28 London Stadium, West Ham
29 Wembley Stadium, Sporz 
30? Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, Sporz?

In total we have played 48 different clubs on 57 different groonds in the Premyaa Leegue era! 

Tuesday, 26 March 2019


Posted '10:10pm bells' Tuesday 26th March 2019

We are pleased to tell yoo that wor fave non leegue team 'The Bad Blue Boys' of Dunston have just been crowned Northern Leegue champions when they defeated Guisboro 3-1 at Federation Park, Dunston this evenin'

Congratulations from The Geordie Times!πŸ†


Posted '1:45pm bells' Tuesday 26th March 2019

News reaches The Geordie Times that NUFC ARE gannin to play in a pre season tournament in China alang with Man City, Wolves and West Ham, az we reported a while back!

Wor forst game will be played in Nanjing on Wedinzday July 17th with the othaa one in Shanghai on Saturday July 20th, which iz a 3 hour high speed train ride from Nanjing!

Wor opponents for the forst game haaz still to be announced and we will bring yoo, 'wor loyal reeders' news of this az soon az we find oot!

The winners of the forst 2 games in Nanjing will play each other for The Premyaa Leegue Asian Trophy in Shanghai, with the losers playin' each othaa for the 3rd place and 4th place wooden spoon! 

PS: Rafa the Gaffa iz known to not be in favour of lang haul pre season trips and it remains to see if he will still be in charge by July?

Monday, 25 March 2019


Posted '12:57pm bells' Munday 25th March 2019

With nee forst team game til next Munday neet away to 'The Arse' in norf London because of the International break, we are left 'kickin wor heels' for a 2nd weekend in a row!
Wor U18s ARE in action at Clayton Wood Trainin' Complex v Stoke U18s, next Saturday (in Stoke), but 'The NUFC mad-sad groundhoppers' have been there before to watch wor resorves play---so thats a non starter! (ie: We've got the 'tee shirt'!)

By the time we play 'The Arse', aall of wor relegation rivals will have played, so next Saturday and Sunday afternoon I will be 'glued' to the telly screens in Toon pubs lookin' for the latest scores and results!🍺🍺🍺🍺

SIX more points from wor remain' 7 games should be enough to see us safe and reach the 'magical' 40 points mark!
4 of those games are against relegation rivals, Cristil Paliss, Sooothampton, Brightin and Fulim and 2 are against 2 of the so caaled 'big six', 'The Liverbirds' and of course 'The Arse' next Munday
(The othaa game iz against Lestaa who are mid table)

More on wor game next Munday later on this week! 

Sunday, 24 March 2019


Posted '10:44ambells' Sunday 24th March 2019

With nee forst team game on a Saturday (again!) because of International fixtures, some of the lads decided to heed for deepest Cumbria, where wor fave non leegue club 'The Bad Blue Boys' of Dunston were supposed to be playin Penrith in a Northern Leegue championship decider! (The Northern Leegue iz the 9th tier of Inglish futbaall)
If Dunston won at bottom club 'Penrith Sheep Sh****rs' and 'The Bishops of Auckland' lost, Dunston would crowned leegue champions!

With train tickets booked, 'Grumpy Stumpy' and 'Davy the Silver Fox' were lookin forward to their visit to Penrith!  BUT! there woz ' a spanner in the works' az the game woz cancelled because Penrith had a county cup match away to Wigton, which takes priority!

They still went and got 'rat-arsed' in Penrith toon centre instead, where there  are 'bars a plenty'!

Yours truely had planned to gan az well, but couldn't, coz I woz on a *CPC course, which iz a requirement of aall truckers to do to keep on drivin' HGVs (*Certificate of Professional Competence) 
(I'd arranged the course on Saturday coz The Toon wornt playin'!---forgettin that Dunston were!---allegedly!)

Never mind!---'The Bad Blue Boys', who are well clear of the chasin' pack, will probably win it through the week when they take on Guisborough at home az 'The Bishops' lost 3-2 at Hebburn!----Just ONE point will secure the title!

Watch this space to find oot if they 'did it'!

PS: Wor U23s WERE in action at dinnaa time yesterday in a rearranged game and beat Wolves 2-0 with goals from Bartlett and an own goal!
just 189 were in attendance at Benton (az this game woz re-arranged late, I couldnt gan there eethaa!)

Thursday, 21 March 2019


Posted '2:48pm bells' Thorsday 21st March 2019

The draw for the last 8 of the Premyaa Leegue Cup haz just been made today.
NUFC U23s reward after beatin' Reading U23s 2-1 at Woking FC last Friday afternoon, iz a home tie against Derby Cooonty U23s at eethaa Blue Flames in Benton, or SJP

The draw az it woz made:
Ties to be played between 29th March and April Fools Day!

'The Bornley Hillbillies' v Leeedz (at Curzon Ashton FC or 
Stockport Cooonty FC) <(been to Stockport)

'The Toffee Noses' of Evertin or the SMBs v Bleakborn Rovers (Southport FC or Goodison Park) <(been to both) OR the SMBs U23s home groond at Hetton the Hole! <(been here az well to watch NUFC resorves)

NUFC v Derby Cooonty (Blue Flames (aka Whitley Park) or SJP) <(gans withoot sayin', we have been to both!)

'The Friar Tuck Mob' of Nottinghim v Swanzeee (Alfreton FC)

This meeenz that 'The NUFC mad-sad groundhoppers' will be denied a new groond, az both Forest and Bornley play their U23 home games at Alfreton and Curzon Ashton respectively!
(The next roond? IF we get through?---mebeeez?)

GROUNDS VISITED WATCHIN' NUFC (1st visits) (Updated: Thorsday 21st March 2019)

 (1st visits)  last coont 339

I woz asked a question a while back az to just how many groonds I had visited to watch NUFC teams!
My reply woz "Ower 300!"
Which brought a look of bemusement from the person who asked the question!
When yoo 'fink' aboot it, there ARE anly 92 leegue groonds and when aa started coontin' the groonds I had been te in the 1980's the total woz aboot 63 or 64!

Then add in aall the European groonds and resorve and junior groonds a'v visited since and the total rose dramatically!
When a'd 'done the ton' (Tranmere in 1991) aa honestly thought that it woz impossible to de 200 (Ayr United)---never mind 300 (the reeel Stadium of Light, home of Benfica!)

Well!, below iz mee record of groonds visited ower the last 50 odd years!
(More details will be added to teams played etc --WHEN? aa get time!)

PS: Glennn from Ashington haz done more groonds!----350 plus, includin' many trainin groond games (ie: games on fields!)
John 'The Undertaker' had done 333 by 2014
He woz on hiz way to New Zealand to watch The Toon 5 years ago, when alang with 'Liam from the Lamp', hiz plane woz shot doon ower the Ukraine and nearly 300 people died!
John's total would now be in the 350's!--while Liam woz hiz 'apprentice' with 80 odd groonds

The anly othaa Toon fan who haz done more than 300 groonds iz's very own 'Biffa the Beer', with 330 (plus) Toon groonds under hiz belt!
Last Friday 'The NUFC mad-sad groundhoppers visited wor latest new ground---Kingfield Stadium, Woking to watch wor U23s play Reading U23s (scroll doon page for match report 339 )

Fink (the mad-sad groundhopper!) (339 and coontin'!)

GOLD = 1st team games
YELLOW = Mixed team friendlies (ie: 1st team, reserve team and junior team mix)
BLUE = European competitions and other overseas friendly games
PINK = Reserve/U23/U21 teams
GREEN = Academy/U18/U16 games
MAROON = Scottish friendly games
MAROON/BLUE = Scottish/European game 

Decade by decade record


001 st james park. newcastle (v coventry city)

 002 joker park. blunderland

 003 anfield. liverpool

 004 arsenal stadium. arsenal

 005 molineux. wolves

 006 loftus road. qpr

 007 maine road. man city

 008 the dell. southampton

 009 boleyn ground. west ham

 010 ibrox park.glasgow. rangers (inter cities fairs cup)

 011 highfield road. coventry


012 redheugh park. gateshead

 013 city ground. nottm forest

 014 selhurst park. crystal palace

 015 bloomfield road. blackpool

 016 goodison park. everton

 017 filbert street. leicester

 018 the victoria ground. stoke

 019 the hawthorns. west brom

 020 leeds road. huddersfield

 021 edgar street. h******d!

 022 bramall lane. sheff united

 023 the baseball ground. derby

 024 stamford bridge. chelsea

 025 old trafford. man united

 026 white hart lane. spurs

 027 ayresome park. boro

 028 old show ground. scunthorpe

 029 elland road. leeds

 030 hillsborough. sheffield (v burnley)

 031 wembley stadium (v liverpool)

 032 brunton park. carlisle

 033 st andrews. birmingham

 034 turf moor. burnley

 035 sealand road. chester

 036 fellows park. walsall

 037 kenilworth road. luton

 038 portman road. ipswich

 039 burnden park. bolton

 040 boothferry park. hull

 041 london road. peterborough

 042 racecourse ground. wrexham

 043 gateshead stadium. gateshead

 044 shielfield park. berwick rangers (v N/cleX1)

 045 the den. millwall

 046 abbey stadium. cambridge

 047 meadow lane. notts county

 048 the valley. charlton athletic

 049 eastville stadium. bristol rovers

 050 craven cottage. fulham

 051 goldstone ground. brighton

 052 brisbane road. orient (they added 'leyton' later)

 053 boundary park. oldham

 054 deepdale. preston north end

 055 home park. plymouth argyle

 056 vetch field. swansea


 057 st james park. exeter city

 058 carrow road. norwich city

 059 oakwell. barnsley

 060 millmoor. rotherham united

 061 the victoria ground. hartlepool

 062 ewood park. blackburn rovers

 063 gay meadow. shrewsbury

 064 blundell park. grimsby

 065 ninian park. cardiff city

 066 manor ground. oxford

 067 fratton park. portsmouth

 068 feethams. darlington

 069 palmerston park. queen of the south

 070 easter road. hibernian

 071 portland park. ashington

 072 valley parade. bradford city

 073 vicarage road. watford

 074 croft park.blyth

 075 villa park. aston villa

 076 douglas bowl. douglas (v isle of man X1). isle of man

 077 castletown (v portsmouth). isle of man

 078 ferens park. durham city

 079 hillheads. whitley bay

 080 odsal stadium. bradford city

 081 plough lane. Wimbledon

 082 tynecastle park. hearts

 083 athletic ground. scarborough

 084 cappilow park. morton

 085 st james park. alnwick

 086 dens park. dundee

 087 federation park. dunston

 088 york street. boston

 089 starks park. raith rovers

 090 dean court. bournemouth

 091 elm park. reading

 092 county ground. swindon


093 vale park. port vale

 094 new huish park. yeovil

 095 mcdiamid park. st johnstone

 096 east end park. dunfermline

 097 ashton gate. bristol city

 098 twerton park. bath (v bristol rovers)

 099 home park. coldstream (n/cle X1)

 100 prenton park. tranmere rovers

 101 gresty road. crewe

 102 roots hall. southend

 103 benwell training ground. newcastle (v leeds juniors)

 104 millfield ground. crook town

 105 bootham crescent. york city

 106 belle view. doncaster rovers

 107 field mill. mansfield town

 108 griffin park. brentford

 109 porta elisa. lucchese. Italy (anglo Italian cup)

 110 stadio san nicola. bari. Italy (anglo Italian cup)

 111 castle ward sports centre. ponteland

 112 glanford park. scunthorpe

 113 derwent park. annfield plain

 114 the glebe ground. whickham

 115 normanby road. southbank (v mboro juniors)

 116 backworth park. west allotment

 117 springfield park. wigan (v leeds res)

 118 kingsway. bishop Auckland

 119 recreation park. murton

 120 the victoria pleasure grounds. goole (won 10-0)

 121 windsor park. belfast. northern Ireland (friendly)

 122 maiden castle. durham (v Hartlepool juniors--won 10-1)

 123 bosoilstadion. antwerp. Belgium (uefa cup)

 124 estadio san mames. athletic bilbao (uefa cup)

 125 kimberley park. Prudhoe (Northumberland senior cup)

 126 mcalpine stadium. Huddersfield (v h,field juniors) (also been for 1st team games)

 127 bower fold. stalybridge (v oldham res)

 128 nene park. Rushden and diamonds

 129 wheatsheaf ground. rtm newcastle

 130 Victoria road. hebburn

 131 celtic park.glasgow. celtic

 132 the shay. halifax (v leeds res)

 133 the riverside stadium. middlesbrough

 134 sam smiths sports ground. benfield park (now Newcastle Benfield)

 135 central avenue. billingham (v mboro juniors)

 136 bucks head. telford (v wolves res)

 137 athletic club ground . darlington (v darlo juniors) (northern int league--won 9-0)

 138 gig lane. bury (v man u res)

 139 haig avenue . southport (v liverpool res)

 140 albany park. Washington (v man c u19s)

 141 meadow park. ryhope (v rosenburg juniors)

 142 sincil bank. lincoln

 143 stade constant vanden stock. brussels. belgium (v anderlecht) (friendly)

 144 orjans vall. halmstad. Sweden (uefa cup)

 145 ulloi ut. ferencvaros. hungary (uefa cup)

 146 blue flames sports ground. benton (v darlo juniors) (also reserve games)

 147 blackhall welfare ground. blackhall (v hpool juniors)

 148 stade st. symphorien. metz. france (uefa cup)

 149 doctor pitt welfare park. bedlington

 150 stade louis II. as monaco. france (uefa cup)

 151 wentworth park. hexham (v northumberland fa X1)

 152 lansdowne road. dublin. ireland

 153 victory park. chorley

 154 stadio dino manuzzi. cesena. italy (v juventus) (friendly)

 155 new ferens park. durham city

 156 stadion maksimir. zagreb. Croatia (champions league)

 157 craik park. morpeth town

 158 respublikansky stadion. kiev. Ukraine (champions league)

 159 dean street. shildon (v darlo juniors)

 160 monchester sports centre. walker central

 161 recreation ground. chesterfield

 162 philips stadion. psv eindhoven. Holland (champions league)

 163 bescott stadium. walsall (v villa res)

 164 deva stadium. chester

 165 pride park. derby

 166 nou camp. barcelona. spain (champions league)

 167 reebok stadium. lostock. bolton

 168 broadhall way. stevenage

 169 thorpe arch grange. wetherby (v leeds juniors)

 170 dalymount park. dublin. bohemians. Ireland (friendly)

 171 carlisle grounds. bray. Ireland (friendly)

 172 the brewery field. spennymoor

 173 kingston park. newcastle (v wrexham res)

 174 jna stadium. partisan belgrade. yugoslavia (now Serbia) (champions league)

 175 mckendrick villas. cowgate. newcastle (v lemington)

 176 ewan fields. hyde (v stockport res)

 177 rockcliffe park. hurworth (v mboro juniors)

 178 the riverside. chester le street (v man c u17s)

 179 ecco stadion. s-hertogenbosch. holland (v den bosch) (friendly)

 180 sportspark kranenmortel. dearne. holland (v sv dearne) (friendly)

 181 stadion de braak. helmond. holland (v helmond sport) (friendly)

 182 almondville stadium. Livingston

 183 tannadice park. dundee united

 184 madejski stadium. reading

 185 brittannia stadium. stoke city

 186 ruhrstadion. Bochum.germany ( v vfl bochum) (friendly)

 187 belle view park. consett

 188 stadion bulgarska armia. sofia. Bulgaria (uefa cup)

 189 stadion letzigrund donnerstag. fc zurich. Switzerland (uefa cup)

 190 stadio olympico. rome. Italy (uefa cup)


191 stadium of "ssshhhh!". blunderland

 192 auto quest stadium. widnes (v everton res)

 193 rfk stadium. washington dc. usa (v dc united) (friendly)

 194 crew stadium. columbus. ohio. usa (v columbus crew) (friendly)

 195 borough park. workington

 196 de kuip stadium. rotterdam. holland  (v feyenoord) (friendly)

 197 monjuic/olympic stadium. barcelona. spain (v espanyol)

 198 knowsley road. st helens (v liverpool res)

 199 new broomfield park.airdrie (v airdrieonians) (friendly)

 200 somerset park. ayr united (friendly)

 201 bullocksteads. newcastle (v everton u17s)

 202 daknam stadium. lokeren. Belgium (inter toto cup)

 203 galabank. annan athletic

 204 olympic stadium. munich. germany (v munich 1860) (inter toto cup)

 205 wheatley park. garforth (v northern alliance u19s)

 206 stade l'aube. troyes. france (inter toto cup final 1st leg)

 207 king george v playing fields. guisborough

 208 christie park. Morecambe (v Blackburn reserves)

 209 estadia nuevo colombino. heulva. spain (v rd heulva) (n/cle reserves)

 210 racecourse ground. durham (v mboro u19s)

 211 st marys stadium. southampton

 212 ralph gardner park. north shields

 213 sportspark 't slot. rotterdam. holland (v  vv capelle) (friendly)

 214 wetherby road. harrogate (v harrogate town)

 215 killingworth young persons centre. killingworth (v walker central   u18s)

 216 olimpijski stadion. fk zeljeznicar.sarajevo (champions league)

 217 stadio delle alpi.juventus.italy (champions league)

 218 lyme valley stadium.newcastle u lyme (v stoke u19s)

 219 bay arena. Bayer Leverkusen. Germany (champions league)

 220 san siro. Inter milan. Italy (champions league)

 221 new douglas park.hamilton

 222 kc stadium.hull

 223 raydale park.gretna

 224 county ground.Leyland (v Bolton res)

 225 little Benton. Newcastle (v Barnsley u19s)

 226 mycom stadium. Breda. France

 227 st Jacobs park. basel. switzerland 

 228 walkers stadium. Leicester

 229 belle vue. leeds (leeds res)

 230 ullevaal stadium. Valarenga. Norway

 231 estadi son moix. Rcd Mallorca. Mallorca. Spain

 232 reynolds arena. Darlington. (darlington res) (Newcastle reserve reserves!)

 233 moss lane. Altrincham (v man u res)

 234 city of manchester stadium. Man city

 235 stade velodrome. Olimpique Marseille. France

 236 ramat gan stadium. Tel aviv. Isreal (v hapoel bnei sak)

 237 nea smymi stadium. Athens. Greece (v panionios)

 238 stade auguste bonal, Sochaux. France

 239 damson park. solihull (Birmingham res)

 240 aggborough. Kidderminster (v wba res)

 241 abe lenstra. Herenveen. Holland

 242 georgios kar. Athens. Greece (v olympiakos)

 243 sports city. (Man city res)

 244 jose avalade. Lisbon. Portugal (v Sporting Lisbon)

 245 millenium stadium. Cardiff (v Man u)

 246 mestsky stadium. Dubnica.slovakia

 247 razor stadium. Deportevo. Spain

 248 la roseleda. Malaga. Spain

 249 robin park. Wigan (v wigan res)

 250 kingsley park. ryton        

 251 jjb stadium. wigan

 252 west terrace. waterhouses (v esh winning)

 253 south leeds stadium. leeds  (v leeds reserves)

 254 darsley park. benton.newcastle (v Middlesbrough u18s)

 255 whaddon road cheltenham

 256 aresen stadion. lillestrom. Norway (v lillestrom sk) 

 257 skonto stadium. riga. latvia (v fk ventspils)

 258 a le coq arena. Tallinn. Estonia (v levadia Tallinn)

 259 estadio renzo barbera. palermo. sicily . Italy (Palermo)

 260 emirates  (v arsenal)

 261 commerzbank arena. Frankfurt. Germany (v eintract Frankfurt)

 262 jules ottenstadion. gent. Belgium (v sv zulte waregem) 

 263 dsb stadion. Alkmaar. Holland (v az Alkmaar)

 264 halliwell jones stadium warrington (v everton res)

 265 victoria stadium/marston's arena. Northwich. Cheshire (v man u res)

 266 keepmoat stadium Doncaster

 267 ricoh arena. Coventry

 268 welfare ground. hetton le hole (s/land res)

 269 church road. north ferriby (hull res)

 270 tallaght stadium Dublin ( v shamrock rovers) (friendly)

 271 woodhorn lane ashington

 272 cardiff city stadium. cardiff city

  273: don valley stadium. Sheffield (v R/ham res)


 274 liberty stadium. Swansea  

  275 crown ground .Accrington  

  276 champions hill stadium. dulwich hamlet (u18s)  

  277 great barr. west brom  (v wba res) 

  278 leighsports village stadium. leigh. (v Blackburn res) 

  279 shirecliffe. Sheffield (v sheff u u18s)

  280 veld 7. almere. Holland (res v almere city)  

  281 b2 net stadium. chesterfield (v c/field res)  

  282 parc y scarlets. Llanelli (v Swansea res)

  283 amex stadium. falmer (v brighton)  

  284a and 284b academy of sshh (yee naa wot). cleadon (v s'land u18s & u16s) 

  285 NOT motspur park. london (v Fulham res through a fence!) 

  285a and 285b middlewood. Sheffield (v sheff wed u18s)

  286 brockhall academy .Blackburn (v b/burn u18s) 

  287 gellert stadium.chemnitz. germany (v chemnitzer)

  288 estadio Algarve. faro. Portugal  

  289 kyocera stadion. the hague. holland (v den haag)

  290 municipal stadium of peristeri. Athens. greece (v atromitos)

  291 estadio dos barreiros. maritime. madeira  

  292 bulls cross training (v spurs reserves)

  293 jan breydel stadion. brugge. Belgium  

  294 underhill. barnet. London (v arsenal u18s)  

  295 stade chaban delmas. Bordeaux.france  

  296 silverlake stadium eastleigh (v southampton res)  

  297 metalist stadium. karkiv. ukraine  

  298 luzhniki stadium. Moscow. russia (v anzi)  

  299 clayton wood. stoke (v stoke u21s)

 300 estadio da luz. Lisbon. Portugal (v benfica)

  301 fir park. motherwell  

  302 rugby park. kilmarnock (u21s v Kilmarnock X1)

  303 st Mirren park. paisley. (v St Mirren) 

  304 globe arena. morecambe 

  305 Pirelli stadium burton (v aston villa u21s)

  306 belle vue stadium. consett  

  307 NOT! woodside park bishop's stortford (match postponed at last minute!)

  307a and 307b aon training complex. Carrington. manchester (v man u u18s & 16s)

  308 veltins arena .Gelsenkirchen. germany (v west ham & shalke 04)

  309 priesfield stadium. Gillingham  

  310 meadow park. Borehamwood. london (v arsenal u21s) 

  311 grounsell park .heaton stannington  

  312 platt lane academy man city (v man city u18s) 

  313 bigges main wallsend (u21s v wallsend bc senior X1)

  314 the new den millwall (v millwall u18s)

  315 lostock bolton (v Bolton u18s)  

  316 oakwood training centre. derby (v derby u21s)

  317 city football academy complex (pitch 8) v manchester city u18s)

  318 new manor ground. Ilkeston  

  319 broadfield stadium crawley (v brighton U21s)

  320 horsfall stadium. bradford pa (u21s v Bradford pa)

  321 victoria road.dagenham. essex (v west ham res)  

  322 new york stadium Rotherham  

  323 roundwood pavilion. (v Rotherham u23s)

  324 kassam stadium. oxford
  325 turnbull ground. Whitby {v celtic u23s}

326 opel arena. mainz. Germany

  327 st George's park. near burton. (v stoke u23s)
  328 heritage park. near bishop Auckland (v Middlesbrough u23s)
  329 Weston homes community stadium. Colchester (v Colchester u23s)

 330 London stadium. stratford .London (v whu)

 331 edgeley park. stockport (v burnley u23s)

 332 braken moor lane. stocksbridge (v sheff U u23s)

 333 adams park. high wycombe (v reading u23s)

 334 holker street. barrow

 335 richmond park, dublin, ireland (v St Pats Athletic)

 336 trungle parc, mousehole (v Bolton u18s)

337 estadio dragoa. porto. Portugal

338 nethermoor park. guiseley (v leeds u23s)

339 kingfield stadium. woking (v reading u23s)