Tuesday 26 March 2019


Posted '1:45pm bells' Tuesday 26th March 2019

News reaches The Geordie Times that NUFC ARE gannin to play in a pre season tournament in China alang with Man City, Wolves and West Ham, az we reported a while back!

Wor forst game will be played in Nanjing on Wedinzday July 17th with the othaa one in Shanghai on Saturday July 20th, which iz a 3 hour high speed train ride from Nanjing!

Wor opponents for the forst game haaz still to be announced and we will bring yoo, 'wor loyal reeders' news of this az soon az we find oot!

The winners of the forst 2 games in Nanjing will play each other for The Premyaa Leegue Asian Trophy in Shanghai, with the losers playin' each othaa for the 3rd place and 4th place wooden spoon! 

PS: Rafa the Gaffa iz known to not be in favour of lang haul pre season trips and it remains to see if he will still be in charge by July?

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