Saturday 8 January 2011


THE GEORDIE TIMES (an explanation)

< Many many moons ago a group of intrepid Geordies heeded for ‘The Smoke’ (London) in search of graft

They consisted of painters, decorators, plumbers, brickies and plonkies! and they based themsels in the Shepherds Bush and Hammersmith area’s of west London

One of their number, namely, ‘Malla’ (wheeze keys Clayton) had a ‘brainwave’ one day (or should that be ‘brainWARP’?) and decided tih de a twice fortnightly newspaper (as opposed to once a week!) aboot the ‘exploits’ of this incandesant clan (whatever that meeenz?) in cartoon form and caalled it ‘The Geordie Times’

NOT exactly in the ‘Auf Wiedersehen Pet!’ mould, of Jimmy Nail and Dennis, they were more like the, ‘Auf To ‘The Smoke’ Pet!’ ‘mould’ of Laurel and Hardy!

In total ten issues were published on a clapped oot photo copier and it carried on until they eventually got homesick and came back ‘yem’ to work and sadly this scurrilous publication ceased production.---


In 1995 aa decided to de a fanzine of the same name and two issues were published before ‘time was caalled’ as it was too much hassle sellin’ them and (more importantlee!) it wasted valuable drinkin’ time in the process!


Aa was asked by Newcastle United programme editor, one ‘Jethro’ Tully to de the fan page in the match programme for season 2005-2006 which was caalled ‘FINK THE FAN’.

It was a great success but unfortunately because of ‘budget cuts’ the fan page was axed and replaced by a page of adverts!?

Many fans have commented just how much they liked and enjoyed the stories so a’ve decided to rezzarect ‘The Geordie Times’ for a thord time and publish mee aan away match reports from the past and the present, as in the programme

Frequency of  'The Geordie Times Online'
1: Visit to a new ground (compulsary!)
2: When sommik gans competleee wrang (quite often!)
3: When 'The Toon' win a 'major'? trophy (very rarely!)

At least ONE story per new groond will be included and as a’v been to ower 270 groonds to watch The Toon it will tek iz quite a lang time to ‘de them aall’

<(Many many moons infact!)

No stone will be left untorned (I repeat!) No! stone! will be left untorned in our quest to give our huge and loyal reeedership the quality production that they dizorve (aall ten of you!)

‘The Geordie Times’ has been re-born yet again and the rest (as they say!) is historeeee!


©Fink™ (the mad-sad gr☺undh☺pper!)

St.  James'  Park, Newcastle----view  from  The  Milburn  Stand  lookin'  towards  The  Leazes  End
GROUND 'MATCH REPORTS' ? PUBLISHED ON THIS SITE (SO FAR!) (archive reports updated twice a fortneet!)

086 Dens Park-Dundee (latest post) 

001 St James' Park-Newcastle (1st ground)
002 Joker Park-5under1and (1st away ground)
004 Highbury-Arsenal (new ground)
009 Upton Park-West Ham (new ground)
011 Highfield Road-Coventry (new ground)
022 Bramall Lane-Sheffield (new ground)
044 Shielfield Park-Berwick (new ground)
045 The Den-Millwall (new ground)
055 Home Park-Plymouth (2010 visit) (trophy trail special report!)
069 Palmerston Park-Queen of the South (new ground)
070 Easter Road-Hibernian (new ground) 
078 Ferens Park-Durham (new ground)
102 Roots Hall-Southend (new ground)
109 Porta Elisa-Lucchese-Italy (new ground)
110 Stadio San Nicola-Bari-Italy (new ground)
215 Killingworth Young Persons Centre-Walker Central (new ground)
247 Riazor Stadium-La Coruna-Spain (2010 visit) (trophy trail special report!)
255 Whaddon Road-Cheltenham (new ground)
273 Don Valley-Sheffield (new ground)
274 Liberty Stadium-Swansea (new ground)
275 Crown Ground-Accrington (new ground)
276 Champions Hill Stadium-Dulwich (new ground) 
plus:A to Z Geordie glossary of terms (for the benefit of 'non Geordie' bloggers)
Still to do-----quite a few! (watch this space!)


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