Wednesday 29 November 2023

367 parc dez princes, paris

 Ground number 367

(118th competitive European game in a row, home and away)

Date of First Visit:  28th November 2023

Parc Dez Princes, Paris, France

UEFA Champions League, Group stage F (game 5)

Attendance: 46,435 (2,000 gobsmacked Toon fans!) 


First of aall apologeez for dein this report back to front, but there’s a very good reason for dein this!

Yuh wud expect a referee who reffed the World Cup final to get a simple decision rest!

But ‘simple’ Syzmon Marciniak got it horribly wrang by awarding PSG a penalty for a non handball by Tino Livramento in the 8th minute of stoppage time, after changing his mind by wavin away penalty appeals from the PSG players in the first place! The PSG Ultra on the tannoy aalso got involved and shouted sommik in French, demandin a penalty! (Why woz that allowed?)

VAR had told the Polish ref to look at the pitch side monitor and he pointed to the spot after 3 minutes watching replays!

They of course scored to level the tie after NUFC had taken the lead in the 24th minute through Isak to send the 2,000 Toon faithful into raptures!----Livramento had passed the baall to Almiron az we attacked their goal at the far end from us and had a shot---the baall woz fumbled by their goalie and fell nicely to 'Alexander the Great' who said "thank you very much" az he fired the baall into the net!

Relentless pressure then ensued from PSG and they had several chances to equalise, but somehow we kept them oot and went in at half time one-nil to the good!

Again in the 2nd period they laid seige to wor goal and wor patched up side looked absolutleee knackered az the clock ticked doon!

The 4th official then put a ridiculous EIGHT MINUTES stoppage time board up? (there couldnt have been anymore than 4) and then THAT penalty decision which iz the most unjust in aall the  European games I have ever seen, gannin way back to 1968!

The result meenz that we MUST beat AC Milan on home soil on the 13th of Decembaa and hope that Dortmund dee us a favour and eethaa draw or beat PSG in the last group stage game---az that sequence will put us into the knockoot stages in 2024!

Before the match we had watched wor U19s beat PSG U19s on the othaa side of Toon (Full match report on that to follow later) and then did a bit of 'sight seein' at the Arc de Treeeomff and the (Whey!)Aye-fill Towaa!---The liquid refreshments in a bar within site of the tower were the most expensive we've EVER SEEN on wor European travels!   9 pints between 3 of us came to a whoppin'-- 144 Euros! (approximately 130 quid in wor money!---(aboot £14 a pint!)---And here's the proof below!----And then it woz off to the main match!

 "Divvint drink here, unless you're a multi millionaire!"

After the match we were 'held back' for ower an hour and eventually got back to wor hotel on the Paris Metro at '1:00am bells'!--Aall the bars, includin' the hotel's were shut by this time, so we had nee choice but to gan for some 'shuteye' before travellin back on Wedinzday mornin! "ZZZZzzzz!"

We'd travelled here by Eurostar and did the same back----but not before havin a couple of gargels on the train from Paris and at King's Cross between trains! (see photos below when aa get time to dee them!)



The (Whey!)Aye-fill Towaa

The Arc De Treeeomff

* Aall the 'Boozzaa crawl' photos to follow!

*9 visited Runnin total 64

St.Pancras, London on the way to the Eurostar to Paris



*Eurostar train bar (top) and King’s Cross boozer in between trains back


Tuesday 28 November 2023

366 Stade Georges-Lefevre (v psg u19s)

 Ground number 366

Date of First Visit: 28th November 2023

Stade Georges-Lefevre Training Ground, Paris, France

Paris Saint Germain U19s 1

Newcastle United U19s 2 (Scott Bailey, Johnny Emerson)

UEFA U19s Youth League

Attendance: 700est (6 or 7 NUFC mad-sad groundhoppers)

The NUFC mad-sad groundhoppers are at the PSG Stade Georges Lefevre trainin groond to watch wor U19s game v PSG U19s which kicks off in an hours time! Then we will heed for the main stadium a few miles away to the east side of Paris to watch wor Champions Leegue game which kicks off at ‘8:00 bells’ GMT! (Geordie Meen Time!)

We will send a few photos and a brief match report at half time and when the U19s game iz ower!

So watch this space intentleee!

HT 1-0 up! Shot from inside box by number 71 Scott Bailey!

Number 8 and captain for PSG sent off in 50th minute for 2nd bookable offence!

58 minute  Scott Bailey hits the bar from a tight angle!

87th minute   PSG equalise with a great strike by their number 6๐Ÿฅถ

89th minute  Bailey hits the bar again!

90th minute Number 74 Johnny Emerson wins the game for The Toon with a deflected shot from just inside the box!๐Ÿคช๐Ÿ‘⚽️

1st half action above—2nd half action below!

Monday 27 November 2023


 Posted from '2:08 pm bells' Munday 27th Novembaa 2023 on the way to France ***

“Iz that Blackpool Tower in the distance!?”๐Ÿค”

*1st port o call in St Pancras station, London, where we get the Eurostar to Parisss!

๐ŸบThe Barrel Vaults

2nd port o call at St Pancras!
๐ŸบAn old favorite. The Betjamen’s Arms! Then the train to Parisss!

Through passport control!

Made it to Paris! In the bar below near main train station

 Cristal PARIS!

Sunday 26 November 2023


 Posted '1:00pm bells' Sunday 26th Novembaa 2023


An unexpected result for certain az we expected a tough game and a draw woz predicted by The Geordie Times for wor injury depleted side, which included THREE goalies on the bench!--How wrang we were!

The sequence of events were az follows:

13th minute: 17 year old Lewis Miley threads a pinpoint baall through to Isak who hits hiz shot past Sanchez in the visitors goal at The Leazes End! (1-0 to us!)

23rd minute: A misstayk by Lascelles led to a free kick on the edge of the box for Chelseee. Sterling took it and gave Pope in The Toon goal nee chance with a shot into the top corner to level things! 

45th minute: Trippier free kick hits the goal frame!

(HT 1-1)

60th minute: Lascelles makes up for hiz orlier error by heedin home unmarked from a Gordon cross! (2-1 to us!)

61st minute: We hadnt stopped celebratin Lascelles goal when Joelinton latched onto a misstayk by a Chelseee defender and fired home to increase wor lead to 3-1!

73rd minute: Chelseee caption James iz sent off for a 2nd bookable offence to reduce wor visitors to 10 men!

Fans celebrated Gordon’s goal!

83rd minute: Gordon completes the scorin with a shot into the corner of the net to send the crowd into raptures! (apart from the 1,000 or so left in the visitors section, az 2,000 had aalready departed for the train to King's Cross!)⬇️

A great performance to set us up nicely for the trip to Paris on Tuezday neet when we play PSG in wor last away game in the group stage of The Champions Leegue!

ATTENDANCE: 52,227 (3,100 very unhappy visitors who sang “We’ve won it all!—You’ve won F??k all!” Before the game!) And we aall hope they had a-miserable ๐Ÿ’ฉ jorney ๐Ÿš‚ back to London!

This game iz dedicated to 3 Toon diehards who have recently passed away!
RIP Dinzzy who drank in The Leazes End Companions Club before the match and Fairza who drank in Rosie’s Bar!
And Ray Gilroy (who we’re never met!)
Lost but not forgotten! ๐Ÿชฆ 

The ‘tool-shed’ in Rosie’s

Saturday 25 November 2023


 Posted 'high noon bells' Saturday 25th Novembaa 2023


* This afternooon at '3:00 bells' we take on Chelseee at SJP in a rare non televised game and we havvint got a clue wot side Steady Eddie will be forced to pick, az the forst team injury list iz still in double figures!???

It will be tough for certain az we enter a hectic period with NINE games before Xmas Day in 3 competitions!

At the time of writin this, we will be very happy with a win against a resurgent Chelseee side, on the up! But a draw iz the most likely ootcome!

Then its off to Paris next Tuezday, for wor Champions Leegue game against PSG (We are on the Eurostar from St. Pancras for 'this one'!) and then 7 more games in 21 days, with an unglamorous trip to Luton the last of the 7, just before Xmas!

A full Geordie Times match report on today's game will appear here , sometime tomorrow!---Az per usual!

Wednesday 22 November 2023


 Posted '6:14pm bells' Wedinzday 22nd Novembaa 2023 


Unexpectidleee, NUFC have been given the green light to sign loan players from Saudi clubs in the January transfor window, after the 20 Premyaa Leegue clubs voted by 12 (to ban loan players) to 8 (to allow it) az the 14 majority needed to ban loan players woz not reached! 

The 8 who voted to keep loan deals are Shefff U, Forist, Maan City, Chelseee, Evaatin, Wulvz, Bornley and of course NUFC!

Saturday 18 November 2023


 Posted just after 'high noon bells' Saturday 18th Novembaa 2023

There are an incredible 14 Toon players who are unlikely to play against Chelsea next Saturday through injuries, Ineligibility's and suspensions!----

1:Schar: Hamstring

2:Isak: Groin

3:Manquillo: Groin

4:Hall: Ineligible for Chelsea game az they are hiz parent club

5:Longstaff: Ankle

6:Almiron: Hamstring

7:Barnes: Foot

8:Wilson: Hamstring

9:Murphy: Shoulder

10:Burn: Back

11:Anderson: Back

12:Targett: Hamstring

13:Botman: Knee

14:Tonali: Suspended

Wednesday 15 November 2023


 Posted 'just after 'high noon bells' Wedinzday 15th Novembaa 2023

The disputed goal against 'The Arse' haz been confirmed az a genuine goal, when an unprecedented 3 VAR decisions went in wor favour, az video and audio iz released between Stuart Atwell the ref and the VAR team at Stockley Park! (Are yoo watchin Arteta???---Who said the goal woz an absolute disgrace!)