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AN ’'A' to 'Z' 'GEORDIE' GLOSSARY OF TERMS and RHYMIN' SLANG  (for the benefit of ‘non Geordie’ readers!)
In 'Geordiebetical order!


Arthurs=Arthur Scargills=Gargels=Beers. 
Alan Whickers=Knickers. 
 Aad Biddy=Old Woman. 
Aad Wifey=Old Woman. 
Anly=Only. A'd=I'd. Aaltogether=Altogether. Aall=All. Aroond=Around. A'v=I've. Ahaad=A hold. A'm=I'm. A'd=I'd. Arriz=At me. Aalso=Also. 
Az=As. Aalways=Always
Arse ower tit=Trippin' & rollin' ower=Gannin 'head ower heels'=Somersault. Arriz=At me. Aad=Old. Aadest=Oldest. Aaful=Auful.
Ale hoose=Public House.
Aad doll=Mammy=Mater=Mother.
Az rough az a 'badgers'=F****d with the drink=Very ill.
Aall on mee lonesome=By myself.   Afta=After.
Aall day bender=All day drinking session. A'len=Alone    Aboorit=About it


Bizzy=Policeman. Bins=Spectacles. Brayed=Knocked.
Baall=Ball. Bit=Money. Bog=Toilet=Public convenience.
Bombin' alang=Moving very quickly. Berra=Better.
Black 'N' Whites=Newcastle United Football Club.
Bacon and Egg(s)=Leg(s). Beardo=Peter Beardsley.
Borthday=Birthday. Bugle=Sneck=Nose. Borstin'=Bursting.
Bells='O' Clock=Top of the hour. Billy=Protistant.
Bonny=Good looking. Bunked=Helped over. Bottle=Nerve.
Boozaa/Boozer=Public House.
Bandit=One armed bandit fruit machine.
Barra=Stewart Barrowclough (former player)
Bladdered=P***** oot of your brains!=Very drunk indeed!.
Blotto=Mortal drunk 


Chuckin' oot time=Time gentleman please. Canny=Fair. Coont(in')=count(ing). Crashed oot=Fell asleep.
Collars felt=Arrested.
Chuckin' it doon=Raining very heavily (see 'P' and 'S')
Claamin'=Very hungry. Chinkeez=Chinese restaurant
Craaled=Crawled. Chinn(ed)=Beat somebody up.
Clagged=Stuck. Canny hike=Long way.
Cream crackered=Knackered. Clobber=Strip/Clothes.
Chã¢teau de Gallowgate, vintage '99'=Newcastle Brown Ale brewed in 1999. Croon=Crown. Coonty=County.
Cattled=Cattle trucked=F****d=Ill with the drink
Complete works=Everything. Caad=Cold. Caada=Colder.
Chocker (block)=Full to overflowing. Chin wag=Talk.
Chippy=Fish & Chip shop. Cop shop=Police Station.
Chilly Jockoland=Scotland. Clayz=Cloths.
Cotten on=Tumble=Realise. Caved in=Smashed up/Broken.
Cannon Baall Express=The train.
Cannit/Carnt=Can not
Central (The)=Newcastle Central Train Station


Dibble=Policeman. Dibblette=Policewoman. Dee=Do. Deein=Doing. Doon=Down. Dog=Newcastle Brown Ale.
Desperate Dan=Scran=Food (Glorious Food!)
Droon(ed)=Drown(ed). Div=Do. Divvint=Don't.
Dustbin lid=Quid=One Pound Stirling.
Dodgy characters=Rogues. Dished oot=Handed out.
Deputy Dogs=Clogs. Dynamite=Sh***!
Deaths door=Very ill. Drink=River/Sea.


Eleven Bells=Pub opening time (Horray!)------or--------
Eleven Bells= Pub closing time (Boooooo!)-
Encoonta=Encounter. Encoontered=Encountered.


Futbaall=Football. Fower=Four. Fortha=Further.
Fower tih one winner=Four to one winner=Dinner.
Faaly doon drunk=Wheelbarra Job=(see 'W')
Forst=First. Friar Tuck=Scran (see 'S')
Fruit 'n' Nut Case=Nutter=Imbecile. Faatha=Father.
Flogged(1)=Sold. Flogged(2)=Beaten. Foond=Found.
Fave=Favorite. Freda Paine=Rain.
Faather=Father. Fizzeek=Physique


Gypsies=Gypsies Kiss=Piss=Slash=Wee Wee.
Gregory/Gregories=Gregory Peck=Neck.
Gregorys=Gregory Pecks=Specs=Spectacles. Gannin=Going Get mee drift=Understand.
Graft=Work. Groonds=Grounds. Gan=Go
Gargels=Beers. Gadgie=Bloke. Geet big=Very big.
Ganzee=Pullover/Jumper/Sweater. Gear=Clothes.
Glasgow Kiss=Stickin' the 'nut on'=Head butt.
Groondhopper=Groundhopper=A fan who visits different football grounds. Gorra(1)=Got to. Gorra(2)=Got her.
Golden Liquid=Liquid Refreshment (see 'L')
Gatesheed=Gateshead. Gob=Mooth=Mouth.
Gannah/Gannih=Going to. Geek=LçÏçÏk
Gerr'in=Get in
Geordie=Somebody born and bred on Tyneside, who speaks with a 'cultured' accent! (a.k.a: "Oh whey yih naa!")
Get Carter car park=Gateshead multi story car cark (now demolished)
Gettin' the bullet=Paid off=Sacked=Made redundant 


Half-Inched=Pinched. Howay=Come on. Hoyed=Threw.
Hoyed oot=Chucked oot=Thrown out. Heed=Head.
Heed Case=Heed the baall=Heed Banger(s)= Nutter =Idiot(s). (also meens Gateshead FC fans!)Heed Army=Gateshead FC fans
The Heed=Gateshead FC
Hoose=House. Honkers=Bended knees. Hor=Her
Hans Crankels=Ankles. Hard case=Tough guy.
Half Wollas=Bricks/Rocks. Hard case=Tough guy.
Hoy(1)=Drinking session. Hoy(2)=Throw.
Hoy the anchors on=brake sharply
Hacky dorty=Mucky=Unclean=In need of a wash
Heavin'=Chocker=Full to overflowing.
Hike=Waalk=Walk. Hump=Carry.
Hockle=Spit. Hassle=Bovver=Trouble.
Hocklin' Distance=Spitting Distance=Stones throw.
Harry Karry=Suicide. Hell on=Trouble.
Hit the pillow=Gone to sleep=ZZZZZzzzzz!!!!!.
Hank Marvin=Starving=Very hungry indeed!
Half cut=Drunk!
Hazzent=Has not
Hard end=Hooligans section of ground


Iz(1)=Me or Myself. Iz(2)=As. Izzint=Is not.   Iv=Of. Intih=Into.
In't it=Is'nt it.


Jam Jar=Car. Jack Jones=Alone.
Joker=Joker Park=Former home of The Mackems (see 'M')
Jack the Rippers=Strippers=Girls who take their 'kit' off.
Jockeys Whips=Chips=Chipped Potatos=French Fries.
Jam tarts/Jambos=Hearts=Heart of Midlothian F.C.
Jawnil=Journal (The) (Newspaper printed in Newcastle)
John Steed=Heed=Head. John 'o' Groat=Throat.


Kit=Clothes. 'K' Lined=Pissed=Very drunk.
Kidda(s)=Lad(s)=Male person.
Knockin' aboot=Going around with.


Lang=Long. Langer=Longer. Lowwy=Money.
Liquid Refreshment=(see 'A'-'D'--'X'). Lerriz=Let me.
Lugs=Ears. Leg it=Run very fast.
Like=Yih knaa=You know. Lingo=Language
Lowse=Public House closing time (BOOOOOOOO!!!)
Lady Madonas=One'ers=One pound coins
Liquid lubrication=Beer!
Liquid lubrication location=A pub!


Mee=My. Meesel=Myself. Meen=Mean.
Melvin Bragg=Sh!! (work it oot!)
Mincers=Mince pies=Eyes. Mush=Face. Maan=Friend.
Mackem=Mackem and Takem=Somebody born and bred on Wearside, who speaks with a 'dodgy' accent (a.k.a: 'Wheaze keys are theaze!") (see 'W')
Main drag=Main road. Made tracks=Headed for.
Mish-Mash=Odd/Different shapes.
Mickey mousers=Scousers=Liverpudians=People from Liverpool
Mancs=Mancunians=People from Manchester (not Man U fans!)
Mingin'=Very smelly!


Nose Bag=Scran=(see 'D'). Nat King Cole=Dole.
Nee=No. Naa=Know. Naa'in=Knowing. Nuw=Now.

Nowt=Nothing. Norf Landon (Cockney slang)=North London
Not much kop=Not very good.


Oot=Out. Ootskirts=Outskirts. Owt=Anything.
Ower=Over. Owerheed=Overhead. Owerhord=Overheard..
Oxford scholar=Dollar=Five bob=Five shillings=Twenty five pence. Orly=Early. Off it=Gone/Went crazy.
Once ower=Inspection. Ootsider=Stranger.
Offy=Off Licence.   Orjent=Urgent
Old boiler=Old woman
Ower the waataa= Across the river Tyne


Plymouths=Plymouth Argyles=Piles=Hemorroids.
Purrit=Put it. Pisstake=Takin' the piss=Taking the 'Michael'. Plates of meat=Feet. Pleeze=Please. Pit=Bed=ZZZZzzzz!!!
Pissin Doon=Raining very hard (see 'C' and 'S')
Porple=Purple. Plonkys=Alcoholics.
Poke=Pocket. Proddy=Protestant.
Playin' the wag=Playing truant/hookey


Queens Park Ranger=Stranger. Quaata/Qwaata=Quarter


Radgie=Radgie Gadgie=Heed Banger=(see 'H')
Rat Arsed=Pissed oot yih scull=Inebriated.
Roond(1)=Round. Roond(2)=A Round of drinks.
Reet=Right. Recaall=Recall. Resorves=Reserves.
Riffle range=Change. Riffled=Half inched (see 'H')
Rest iv yih natch=Rest of your natural life on the planet Earth
Ring=Ar**hole=Bottom. Ring=Sound. Rugger=Rugby.
Roy Race=Face
Robert Lee (Newcastle player) = Tea
Ronny Gill=Chronicle (an explanation)---(The) Ronny Gill is the name given to 'The Newcastle Evening Chronicle' newspaper by Geordies,as street newspaper sellers shout out, "Chron-icle!", which sounds like "Ronny-Gill!" to the trained Geordie ear!) 


Slash=Piss=Wee Wee. S.M.B.s=(work it oot!?)
Stottin' doon=Raining persistantly (see 'C' and 'P')
Sky/Sky rocket=Pocket. Surroonded=Surrounded.
Scabby eyes=Pies. Sommik=Something. Skates on=Hurry up
Shrapnel(1)=Missiles=Bricks/Bottles/Coins/Rocks etc.
Shrapnel(2)=Loose change. Scran=Food. Sez=Says.
Snozzled=F*****=Worse for wear=Knackered.
Sand-Dancer=Somebody who hails from South Shields.
Soonds=Sounds. Sooth=South. Sneck=Bugle (see 'B')
Sweaty=Sweaty sock=Jock=A native of Scotland ("och aye the noo!")’  
Stottie cakes=flat bread roll  
“Scallys=Scally wags=Sh!!!(you know what?)
Swanny=River. Saadust=Sawdust. Scower=Search
Snuff it=Die. Sidekick=Friend. Spit=Spitting image of.
Stuck in=Fight/Fought. Sticks=Goal posts.
Simon Templar Land/Saint City=Southampton.
Smoggies=MIddlesbrough fans.
Smog Monster Stadium=Middlesbrough's ground
Smog Monster land/Smog land etc=Middlesbrough/Teesside
Santa Claaz=Santa Claus
Slammed the anchors on=Braked very sharply
Semeez=Semi finals
Stowed off=Very busy


Tee=Too. Tih=To. Telt=Told. Tek=Take. Teken=Taking.
Toon Travellers/Travellers=Newcastle United away supporters.
The Toon(1)=Newcastle United Football Club.
The Toon(2)=City of Newcastle Upon Tyne. Toon=Town.
Toonies=Toon fans=Newcastle United supporters.
Tool Shed= Bog= Netty= Public Convenience= Lav= Lavatory= Sh**hoose= Toilet.
The Waall=Hadrians Wall.
Toon Halls=Balls=Scrotum. Torfed oot=Thrown out.
Torn(ed)=Turn(ed). Taatty=Potato. Thih=They.
Torned ower=Turned over=Beaten. Tim=Catholic.
Toe-Rag=Tosser=Arse-Hole=Low Life. Thiv=They've.
Tartan scarf=Half a pint of beer.
The Smoke=London.
Toon Army=Newcastle United Football Club.
Tony Blair=Hair. Thord=Third. Thorty=Thirty. Thoosands=Thousands. Theeze=These. Tab=Cigarette.
Tappin'=Scorin'=Chatting the girls up.
Two monkeys f****=Could'nt care aless.
Tek a wobbler=Faint/Fall down/Collapse with the drink. (see 'W')
Trouble'n' strife=Wife.   Troozaz=Trousers   
The Traf=The Trafalgar pub in Gateshead (now sadly! demolished)
Tonsil ticklin' time=Pub opening time!/Time for a pint of alcoholic beverage!
Tonsil ticklin' taverns=Pubs
The Central=Newcastle Central Train Station
Take(ower)=To Overwhelm
Toby=To wander
The pictures=The cinema 


Underkeks=Underpants. Understud=Understood.


Vesta Tilly=Willy=Male private parts!
Vino collapso=On the verge of falling down drunk.


Wor=Our. Wrang=Wrong. Whey=Well. Waall=Wall.
Wor Lass=Mee Girlfriend/Wife=The Dragon. Warra=What I
Waaterin' Hole=Drinkin' Den=Public House='Home'!
Waata=Water. Wih(1)=We. Wih(2)=Us. Waam=Warm.
Waalk(ed)=Walk(ed). Winnit=Won't. Wanna=Want to.
Wheaze keys are theaze=(Dodgy Mackem slang)=Who's keys are theeze. Waalsaall=Walsall Football Club.
Worsels=Ourselves. Whiproond=Collection
Waterloo Wobblers=Fans who frequented 'The Waterloo' pub on the corner of Westgate Road/Bath Lane (now sadly! demolished)
Wobbler=Shakey (see 'T')
Wor lot=Our group/Friends etc.
Wheelbarrow job=Mortal drunk
Waallsend=The Tyneside town of 'Wallsend'


'X'=Newcastle Exhibition Ale=(mee one time favourite tipple!).
'X' Certificate=(See Ground number '21'!) (begins with ‘H’!)


Yhem/Yem=Home (Sweet Home!). Yiv=You've. Yee=You(1). Yih=You(2). Yi'll=You'll. Yiz=You's. Yor=You're.
Yonks=Ages/A long time.


Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!=Crashed oot! (see 'C')

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