Thursday 21 April 2011


Posted '8:45 pm bells' Saturday 23rd April

A trip to the seaside on Easter Saturday was wor latest 'port o caall,' which aalso happened to be on 'St George's Day' as well, so the place was supposed to be f*****' heavin'!----but for some strange reason WASN'T?

I have to tell you that I definateleee 
DIDN'T!  climb up 'The Tower' or climb onto the back of a donkey on the beach! az the anly 'climbin' aa did was up the stairs to mee seat in row 'R' of  'The Bog Standard Stand' where the 2,100? Toon fans were housed.

Peter Lovencrands opened the scorin' for us in the 17th minute with a 25yard left footer from a Joey Barton pass. A rather thick roof post obscured my view of the goal a bit, but I saw his shot hit the back of the net to the right hand side of us! 

Blackpool then hit back with a 'was it ower the line' goal at the other end when Jose Enrique cleared a D J Campbell effort from the goal line on the half hour mark, anly for the ref to say that the clearance was from behind the line and gave 'The Donkey Boys' an equaliser (TV replays later proved this was a correct decision!)

The rest of the match was an awful affair and to be porfectly honest we were lucky to come away with a point as 1-1 was the final score 

A Toon fan summed the match up when he was quoted in 'The Mail on Sunday' as sayin': "The donkeys on the beach put in a better shift than we did!"

The match was a 16,030 selloot but anly 16,003 bothered to torn up?---which begs the question?---where were the missin' 23?
There were a few seats empty aroond me so they must have been Toon fans!---so!---were they!---'on 'the drink'?---'in the drink'?---OR?---'in the clink'?

Answers on a postcard pleeeze, to 'The Geordie Times'!

*We have sold aall wor tickets for the last two away games against Liverpool  (3,000) and Chelsea (ticket allocation to be conformed)

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