Saturday 2 April 2011


Posted '21:10 PM bells' Saturday 2nd April

"Spiderman to the rescue!"
A fantastic 4-1 win in wor quest to stay in the 'top ten' was witness-ed at St James' this afternoon! (we are now '9th' and have climbed above 'the wearside jack X1'!)
Goals from Kevin Nolan and Shola 'The Plastic Mask' Ameobi secured a 2-0 half time lead for 'The Black 'n' Whites'

Peter Lovencrands made it 3-1 just after the restart anly for Wolves to pull one back in the 58th minute to send The Toon Faithful into 'convulsions' at the thought of a Wolves comeback as they came very close to makin' it 3-2 by 'shavin' the post a couple of minutes later! 

'Spiderman' then saved the day for us with a suburb goal in stoppage time to mek it 'fower-one'!, thus securin' a valuable 3 points for The Toon!

My prediction of  a crowd of 50,000 waz 'way off the mark' az 'anly' 49,939 'bothered' to torn up! (this meeenz that 'The Geordie Times' 'predicted crowd total' waz some '61' oot! (my 'grovingleee apologies' for this undermitagatin' error!)

"Quack!-quack!--fower-one to the Geordie boys!-Quack!-quack!"

Wor 14 match  'winless duck' in the 'Saturday 3 bells' time slot haz nuw been well and truely beeeen broken!
We are now 7 points above 'the abyss' and 3 points nearer 'to bliss'!
A special mention to loyal fan 'The Jarrow Crusader' who has been in 'doc'. 
We aall hope that this '4-1 tonic' haz helped him on a full road to recovery and that he will soon be back in 'The Newcastle Arms' on 'the hoy' once more! 

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