Saturday 30 September 2023

The Toon v The Bornleee Hillbillies This afternoon

 Posted high noon bells Saturday 30th Septembaa 2023

SJP  The Cathedral on the Hill!

NUFC play wor 5th game in 14days at 3:00 🛎️ s today against a Bornlee side that are struggling near the bottom of the table alang with the othaa 2 promoted teams who aall have 1 solitary point! Sheff U who we beat 0-8 last week and Luton, who we play in Decembaa

It won’t be easy ax we expect them to park the bus and try and get a nil-nil draw!

Wor aim iz to win wor 3rd Premyaa Leegue game in a row and get wor 3rd clean sheet in a row!

A full Geordie Times match report will appear here on Sunday. Az per usual “Watch this space!”

Thursday 28 September 2023


 Posted ‘high noon 🛎️s’ Thorzday 28th September 2023



It’s been a great week for NUFC fans after wor exploits in Milan just ower a week ago and 8 goal demolition of Sheff U last Saturday!---The 3rd great result in the last 8 days happened last neet when we inflicted European champions Man City's forst defeat of the domestic season, to unbridled joy from the players and fans alike at the final whistle (see above video!)

It haz to be said that 'The Blue Moonies' were the better team in the forst half az Toon manager 'Steady Eddie' had made TEN changes to the startin line up from the 0-8 thrashin' of 'The Blade Runners' 4 days before!

The 2nd half woz different though az we dominated most of the half with the vital---and one and anly goal--comin in the 52nd minute, when Joelinton sent a cross in at The Gallowgate End and the baall ended up in front of 'Alexander the Great' (Isak) and from 1 yard oot he had the simple task of placin the baall into the net, to send most of the 50,000 plus crowd crazy with delight!


It haz to be said that Tino Livramento woz the star of the game with an ootstandin performance!

Man City tried to find a way back, but their team--who had aalso made major changes, couldnt make the breakthrough and we held on to gain a place in the 4th roond of the competition!

We went to The Leazes End (Companions) club near The East Stand after the game to celebrate with a few 'liquid lubrications' and to watch the draw for the 4th roond on the telly!

Ex mackem failure Don Goodman picked the away teams oot of the bowl and when Man U came oot az the home team, he seemed to look into the bowl and grabbed number 16, which woz the NUFC baall !

“Is that number 16 down there?”

Woz it a fix?---anly Goodman and the Toon fans know that it WOZ and so we must play the other half of Manchester away in a few weeks time!

Attendance:: 51,000 (4,900 Blue Moonies)




Wednesday 27 September 2023


 Posted 'high noon bells' Wedinzday 27th Septembaa 2023


We said the games are comin thick and fast and they certainly are az we play wor 3rd game in different competitions in the last 8 days! 

After wor exploits in Milan and the crazy 0-8 thrashin of Sheff U on Sunday, but it’s back home for a 3rd roond Leegue Cup tie v Man City tooneet! 

Blue Moonies manager ‘Pep’ haz aall ready said that he will play a weakened team and nee doubt Steady Eddie will az well! (We shall soon find oot!)

Harvey Barnes foot injury he sustained at Bramall Lane iz worse than expected and he could be oot til Xmas! Nee sign of Joelinton or Joe Willock comin back eethaa, but Emil Krafth iz close to a retorn !

The game iz a sellout with fans able to buy their own seats in Level 7 of The Milburn Stand—-unlike previous season when we were forced to buy seats in the lower tiers!

The draw for the 4th roond iz made straight after the game and we would like a home draw again IF we get through?

A full Geordie Times match report will appear here sometime on Thorzday!  APR "Watch this space!"

Monday 25 September 2023


 Posted 'high noon bells' Munday 25th September 2023


NUFC recorded wor biggest ever away win in Leegue history and this woz SUFCs worst ever defeat! The fact that the forst goal didnt gan in til the halfway point of the forst half, meenz that we actually scored the 8 goals in a 66 minute period!---A goal every 8 minutes on average from Longstaff who opened the scorin in the 21st minute, to the 87th minute when Isak scored the last goal!----And 8 different goalscorers az well! 

(The Toon played in wor dark Blue and yellow away kit)

The goal sequences in minutes were az follows! (deep breath!)

21 Sean Longstaff: Gordon cuts to the byline and sends a precision pass to Longstaff, who hit the baall home from inside the box! (0-1)

31 Dan Burn: A Trippier corner finds the divin heed of Burn, who bury's the baall into the net! (0-2)

35 Sven Botman: A Tripper free kick finds Botman and hiz glancin' heeder gan into the far corner! (0-3)   HT 0-3 to us! 

51 Callum Wilson: A Trippier cross finds Wilson's heed and he makes nee misstayk from close in! (0-4)

61 Antony Gordon: Gordon cuts in from the wing and hits an unstoppable shot into the corner of the net from the edge of the box to send The Toon fans behind the goal into dreamland!

68 Miggy Almiron: Bruno sends Almiron away with a great through baall and Miggy hits a sweet shot into the goal (0-6)

73 Bruno: A deflected Burn shot finds Bruno unmarked in the penalty area and he hit it home for '7 heaven'! (0-7)

87 Alexander the Great (Isak): And finally!---wor 8th different scorer woz Isak who dribbes roond a Sheffeeeld defender to place hiz shot into the centre of the net! 'After 8 chocolates' at the ready! (0-8)


On top of this Callum Wilson missed 3 glorious chances and Anthony Gordon had a blatant penalty waved away by the blind ref!

Az a fan who haz travelled to away games for 56 years, this woz the biggest win I have witnessed!-----We beat Morecambe away 0-7 when covid 19 prevented us from gannin and the next highest away score actually witnessed by me, woz at Notts Coonty, when we won 1-7 in the Leegue Cup 30 years ago!  

Every picture tells a story---Sheff U fans in the near deserted top tier of the stand, while The Packed Toon end below celebrates wildly with the players!

The record breakers!

Attendance: 30,568 (3,000 disbeleeevin Toon fans!)

PUB CRAWL PIX  3 visited  runnin total 35

Doncaster station

Sheffield Tap
Sheffield Tap

Tripple Point Brewing, Sheffield

Saturday 23 September 2023

THE BLADE RUNNERS v THE TOON —Tomorrow afternooon!

 Posted ‘7:00pm bells’ Saturday 23rd September 2023

The last time we were there in person----December 2019----    won 2-0 (Saint Max, Shelvey) NUFC played there and lost 1-0 in the 2020-2021 season when we wornt allowed to gan because of Covid 19

The games are comin up at break-neck speed and after gettin back from Milan on Wedinzday neet , we are off to Sheffeeeld tomorrow mornin for wor leegue game at Bramall Lane v Sheff U!

Gettin  to South Yorkshire iz bit easier than Milan for certain! and we are on the '9:25 bells' train from The Central and shud be in Sheffeeeld in good time for a few gargles before the 4:30 🛎️s kick off!

Bramall Lane iz a bit different to The San Siro (and much smaaller!), but it iz a nice compact groond not far from the city centre!

A full Geordie Times match and boozer report will appear here on Munday sometime!---Az per usual---"Watch this space!" 

Friday 22 September 2023

363 centro sportivo pepino visamara (v ac milan u19s)

 Ground number 363

Date of First Visit: 19th September 2023

Centro Sportivo Pepini Visamara Training Ground, Milan, Italy

AC Milan U19s 4

Newcastle United U19s 0

UEFA Youth League

Attendance: 400  (est) 10 or so Toon fans dotted about the seats! 5 NUFC mad-sad groundhoppers (Glennn from Ashington, Blondie Alan the Morris Dancer, Big Al (NOT the sheet metal workers son), Sarnie Steve, ‘me’) and 5 related to players including Jamie Miley’s dad and granddad (who I went to school with when I woz 5 years old!)


After the gruelling 15 hour jorney the day before to Milan for wor Champions Leegue game v AC Milan ,3 of wor party (me, Big Al ( NOT the sheet metal workers son!) and Sarnie Steve) decided to take in wor U19s game v AC Milan U19s on the south side of Milan at their training groond which kicked off at 1:00pm bells’ and gave us plenty of time to travel to the north side of Milan for the ‘6:45 bells’ start in the ‘big boys game’!

The day before it had been p-ssin doon and videos of Toon fans slidin doon the streets next to a canal were seeing the Roond on social media!

In total contrast to that, it woz deed hot with the ‘current bun’ shining brightly in the sky above and a ride to the nearest stop to the trainin groond on the Metro and a tram woz undertaken!

Ax expected? we ended up on the wrang side of the groond where a gateman told us to gan to the other side, which woz a good 20 minute walk away!

On the way we foond oot that the kick off woz infact '2:00pm bells' which gave us a bit more time az it woz now near to '1:00pm bells'

But this meant that we would have an hour less to get to The San Siro!

We eventually got to the entrance but we needed e tickets to get in, which of course we didnt have!  We were told by a steward to download the FREE tickets from Milan's website from the poster on the fence!

And this to watch a kids game!?-wot a palarvour!

After nearly half an hours fruitless attempts to dee this we feared that we wouldnt get in!-----But then Glennn from Ashington, who woz inside the groond came alang and told us that he'd managed to download 5 tickets, 3 of which had been scanned on hiz phone!

He passed hiz phone ower a wire fence and tried to see if it would work!---The 2 unscanned tickets were OK and so norves were janglin' for the 3rd ticket which had aalready been scanned!

By some miracle it WORKED and we aall got in!  Glennn to the rescue!

We were housed in a smaall covered stand with the rest of the groond surroonded by trees!

The game kicked off and straight away Milan went on the attack and within 16 minutes NUFCs youngins were 1-0 doon when Traore shot from close range from a cross!

Just 4 mins later they got a penalty which woz taken by Camarda who rifled the baall doon the middle to put them 2-0 up!

Worse woz to follow when Camarda hit a raspin shot in the 26th minute, from inside the box, givin' Harrison in The Toon goal nee chance! 3-0 doon aalready and it looked like it would be a cricket score by the end! (Camarda, az Glennn informed us woz aanly 15 years old!)

We had a chance to get off the mark in the 35th minute, when Parkinson woz clean through but hiz shot from very close in woz hit straight at their keeper and the chance woz gone! 

HT 3-0 to Milan---It should have been more!

Another chance for Parkinson with a heeder from a Jamie Miley corner just missed the target in the 58th minute!

The anly goal in the 2nd period woz another penalty in the 75th minute when a push on one of their attackers in the box resulted in the spot kick!--Zeroli took it and sent Harrison the wrang way!

FT 4-0 to AC Milan U19s

After the match we hurried straight for the tram to take us back to the centre of Milan and then a Metro to San Siro!---We didnt have time for any gargels and heeded straight for the groond where security woz very tight!-----See Champions Leegue match report! (Ground 220 revisited)

Wednesday 20 September 2023


 Posted from high noon'bells' onwards on the lang complicated journey back on Wedinzday 20th September 2023 (Post done mostly in Berlin airport az we were stuck there for several hours!)  Updated on Thorzday


*Ground number 220 revisited (1st visit woz v Inter Milan in 2003---a 2-2 draw)

San Siro Stadium, Milan, Italy

To get to Milan we had to use several modes of transport on Munday to get there   In order they are (deep breath!) bus from wor hoose to the central—-a train from there to Edinburgh—- a tram from Edinburgh to Edinburgh airport—-a flight to Berlin—-and finally a flight to Milan!—-where we arrived at 11pm bells’—-15 hours after leavin Tyneside!

Luckily the hotel woz near Milan airport and after dumpin wor bags we made straight for hotel’s bar which woz open til 2am 🛎️s

Next day (Tuesday) we decided to Dee a bit of groundhoppin’ az wor U18s we’re playin AC Milan U18s at the Milan trainin groond in a UEFA youth competition at 1:00pm 🛎️s! But that’s yet another disaster  story for The NUFC mad-sad groundhoppers ( A ‘disaster’ match report on that game later this week on Friday)

So there woz plenty of time to get to The San Siro for the main game at 6:45 🛎️s

Anyway! Az it trined oot we didn’t have enough time to down a few liquid lubrications on the way and went to The San Siro completely’T total’ðŸĨķ

This woz the 2nd time I have been here to watch The Toon, the first bein 20 years ago v AC,s arch rivals Inter who they share the huge stadium with!

The first time yoo see it, it brings a ‘wow factor’ impression az it stands aall alone like a giant sky scraper!

From the ootside it’s without doubt the best lookin away stadium on the planet!

Az expected there were big queues at the away end—however! Gettin through aall the security checks where they even checked passport names against names on match tickets (which were hand written in biro pen!) (one Toon fan on Twitter tried to change the name on the ticket with nail varnish remover but it rubbed part of the barcode off to make it unusable!)

Anyway! The last time we were here we were in the bottom deck v Inter Milan, but this time we were on the very top deck, in the gods!

The Long and Winding Road!

To get to wor seats we had to gan up a spiral ramp which took aboot 15 mins to climb to the top! Luckily the ramp wasn’t steep and we wornt oot of breath by the time we got to wor seats high above the away goal in a corner section!

The end woz packed and the teams came oot to The Champions Leegue tune az the Milan stands spelt oot the name MILAN ( See top video)

The game kicked off with NUFC wearin the famous stripes, white shorts and white socks! Noticeable were the red numbers with a white patch around them, makin then more readable than the numbers with black stripes gannin through them!

AC laid seige to wor goal and were it not for the brilliance of The Pope in gal we would have been 3 doon at the break, played in a brilliant atmosphere!  ie:The Champions Leegue iz on another level with The Toon not havin a single shot on target in the entire half!

Again Milan went for the jugular in the 2nd period but vital blocks a crucial times kept the score at nil-nil!---Plus we played much better this half az we attacked 'The Toon Fans End'! 

Indeed wor ably shot on goal came from Sean Longstaff who hit a screamer at the death, but the Milan sub goalie Sportiello pulled off a brilliant save to deny us!

Nil-nil at full time which woz greeted loudly by The Toon faithful az the ref blew for full time!

A vital point for NUFC

Let there be light!—The MAGnificent San Siro post match!

To cut a very lang story short the game finish at 8:40 bells’ but it took us 4 hours to get back to wor hotel az the San Siro Metro station and the station beyond were both closed due to overcrowding! ( it should have taken us no more than an hour to get back)

The journey home the next day(Wedinzday) woz the same way az we had came via Berlin, Edinburgh and the Central in The Toon (with lang flight delays of course at Berlin!—7 hours in airport)

In total, includin' the flight ower via Berlin az well,(4 hours wait) we were in Berlin airport a total of ELEVEN HOURS!---In fact we spent more Euros there than we did in Milan!

It woz then a flight back to Edinburgh---a tram to the nearest train station---a train to Edinburgh Waverley station---a train to The Toon---and finally----a bus yem!

Woz it worth it???it aalways iz when you get a good result!ðŸĪŠðŸ‘⚽️

Attendance: 65,695 (4,200 very happy Toon fans*)

No that isn’t fog in the top corner—it’s driftin’ clouds az you’re that high up!

Match (and fan!) action from the Gods in the 4th tier of the Toon end!


Aall together we need 10 different tickets to get to and into The San Siro Stadium and back yem!
4 flight tickets
2 train tickets
2 tram tickets
1 Milan Metro ticket
1 match ticket!

Total cost —-Exstorshanit!ðŸĨķ

The liquid lubrications aall took place in airports or wor hotel in Milan!    5 bars in total  runnin total 32
Wetherspoons Edinburgh airport

Berliner Berlin airport (on the way there and back)

Movenpick    Berlin airport (on the way there)

Moxy hotel bar    Milan

Laggner Brau    Berlin airport (on the way back)

Tuesday 19 September 2023


 Posted '11:15am bells' Tuesday 19th September 2023 in Milan

Got into the youth game—-eventually! New groond.  New groond!

*It’s quite hot and hazy in Milan today, which iz in total contrast to last neet when a huge storm engulfed the San Siri Stadium!

Wor journey started at 8am bells yesterday and involved busses, trains. Trams and planes and we eventually got to Milan at 11 bells last neet

Wor intention iz to groundhog and watch wor Juniors play AC Milan juniors at their trainin’ groond at 1:00 bells’ local time!

Don’t know if they will let us in though?

Watch this space to find oot

A match and booze report will appear here when we get back on Wedinzday neet—-possibly Thorxday mornin’



Monday 18 September 2023

220 san siro stadium inter milan

Ground number 220
Date of First Visit: 11th March 2003
San Siro Stadium, Milan, Italy

Inter Milan 2
Newcastle United 2 (Alan Shearer, 2)

Champions League, Group 'A' (2nd phase)
Attendance: 53,459 (12,000 Toon fans)


 "A DREAM COME TRUE!"---After the Nou Camp, Barcelona, this woz the next best groond aa wanted to visit in the whole wide world---and mee dream came true when we drew Inter Milan in the group stage of The Champions Leegue!
At last!---after a thorty three year wait ah would finally visit the one stadium in the world that a'v aalways wanted tih see the Toon play in, alang with The Nou Camp in Barcelonaa.

The last time wih played there in 1970 in the aad European Fairs Cup, ah was a mere 'slip of a lad' aged sixteen and simply could'nt afford it. (Aa meen---aa didn't even have a passport!) 

(At the time ah was workin' in mee forst ever job az an apprentice fitter and turner on the Team Valley for the 'princely' sum of £5 a week!)

Ever since then ah dreamed of watchin' the Toon in one of the worlds best stadium--- and so!--- here ah was a thord of a century later (woz it really THAT! lang ago?) ready tih forfill mee dream!.

Az ever wih met up at the airport and made straight for wor 'rondiveuz' (sorree aboot thi spelin!) point in the bar!

It was qwaata tih five bells precisely when ah 'reported for duty' and 'Grumpy Stumpy' alang with his sixty inch 'girth' az usual 'were' proppin' up the bar with a pint of cider on the coontaa!. 
ie: 'Grumpy Stumpy woz on the Scrumpy'! 

(This had the added effect of preventin' anybody jumpin' the queue, az they could'nt get past him!)

In total this was mee seventh Champions League jaunt from Newcastle Airport that season, AND!---'ah kid you not'---a'd been here that many times, that the barmaid recognised izz and was pourin' mee drink oot even before ah asked for it! (honest!)

Aalso, ah had mee usual table (within hocklin' distance of the coonta!) so it was'nt too far for iz tih gan for the next 'Arthur Scargills'!(Gargels).

It was at this point that ah spotted 'Frainy' who was standin' in the 'coffee queue'!---tih be honest ah could'nt believe it!---a fellow Toon plonky of some thorty years standin' was in the---- COFFEE QUEUE!!??

Ah had tih rub mee 'mincers' tih mek sure it was true and 'Stumpy', not wantin' tih miss a photo oppotunity unzipped his case and hurriedly got his camera oot!.

He focused it on 'Frainy' and clicked the button---BUT!---the f***** flash did'nt gan off!

"MEE BASTARD CAMRAZ NOT WORKIN!", said the frustrated photographer, az he undid the back tih see what was wrang!.

"THE BATTERIES ARE IN THE WRANG WAY ROOND YIH DAFT C**T!", ah said, az 'Frainy' clocked wih from the queue!.

Quick az a flash he moved tih the 'beer queue', claimin' that he'd joined the wrang queue by mistake, (a likely story!) but of course it was TOO late and the 'said' 'photo oppotunity' was missed!---"AAAARRRR"!!!

'Stumpy' sheepishly mumbled sommik aboot the batteries bein' dud---and hoyed it back in his case!-----

(but, WE! naa different!)---(DIVVINT WIH?)   

Afta a few more 'liquid lubrications' (purely for medicinal purposes yi'll understand!) it was time tih catch wor flight tih Milano.

The airport, az yi'd expect was 'choka' with Toon fans (which was a far cry from the previous trip tih Jawmany) and an estimated 12,000 were said tih be mekin' the pilgrimage tih 'spaghettiland'!

Wor hotel was a  top of the range 'plush' 5 star job' in the suborbs and was aboot five miles from the centre of Milan and was caalled the 'Leonardo Da Vinci' afta the famous painter. (Ah NAA mee history yih naa!)


A mentioned this tih mee mate 'Norman the Cowboy Plumber' and said that if wih got 'rat-arsed' and disorientated, wi'd flag a taxi doon and tell the driver tih tek wih tih the hotel named afta the gadgie who cut his aan lug off!.


(Like ah said---ah was NEVAA! nee good at history!)

LEONARDO DA VINCI (razor blades are cheap!)

Anyway!---after dumpin wor bags in wor rooms it woz time to flag a taxi doon for a wander aroond Milan city centre for the forst 'gargels'! There were thoosands of Toon fans there of course and the local bars had stuck their prices up accordingly! (5 Euros, plus!)

But bein' 'street wise' we heeded for the back alleys away from the bright lights where the 'gargels' were half the price in the 'dingy bars'!

The big game woz next day, so wih had plenty of time to get 'rat-arsed'----and many did!  On wor retorn to the hotel in the evenin', some Toon lasses known az 'The Happy Slappers' staggered through the main entrance carryin' one of their mates across the immaculate marble floor in the foyer!  
She woz a 'wheel barrow' job and shih 'hoyed up' aall ower the floor az we looked on in amazement!----Hor mates then dragged hor to the lift and up to hor room to 'sleep it off'! (A 'propaa' Geordie lass!)

In the meantime a very well dressed posh lookin' lady walked into the hotel wearin a very expensive fur coat and long throw scarf to match. 
She had a pair of leather knee length boots on, but didn't notice the spew aall ower the marble floor!---She walked straight into it az she heeded for the reception desk and slipped, az hor boot heels made contact!---She fell backwards and straight into the 'said' spew, which covered hor fur coat!----Me and 'Norman the Cowboy Plumber' just couldn't believe wot we saw and were in stitches az a porter rushed to hor assistance and helped hor to hor feet, az shih screamed sommik in Italian, az we looked on in amazement!
HONEST!---this iz TRUE, but in them days we didn't have camera phones and didn't get any pictures! (Dammit!)

Anyway!---It woz soon the day of the match and we excitedly made wor way to San Siro, the district of Milan where the stadium iz named after, but not before several 'liquid lubrication location' stops on the way!
We eventually arrived and I woz dumbstruck with the huge stadium az it appeared on the skyline, aall lit up! 
After bein' hassled by the local 'Dibble' we were eventually allowed into the groond where 12,000 Toon fans were assembled behind one of the goals!

Inside the stadium woz less impressive than the outside however, az it woz full of faded bucket seats on 3 tiers!
My seat woz on the lower tier underneath the overhang of 2nd tier, where the Inter Milan fans were hoyin missiles and bottles plastic cups full of p*ss from, into wor section----so it woz just az well that aa woz in a covered sheltered section of the stand! (Welcome to the San Siro?)

Az the game kicked off there were loads of empty seats in the home sections of this 80,000 capacity stadium, which looked half full!

We gave az good az we got and sensationaly took the lead 3 minutes before half time when Craig Bellamy went past 2 Milan defenders and hiz pinpoint cross foond Alan Shearer who sidefooted home from 2 yards oot to send the 12,000 faithful wild with delight!  The Inter fans in response hoyed more cup of p*ss and othaa object from the upper decks!

However!---within just 2 minutes of the restart the home side equalised when Vieri heeded home to send the I-ties into a frenzy!
But it didn't take lang for us to retake the lead when a fumble by the Milan goalie fell nicely to Shearer and he made nee misstayk from 5 yards oot to again send the travellin' fans into ecstasy!

This time the home fans became more sinister and flares were hoyed into the Toon sections and one hit a lad and it bornt straight through hiz t shirt and onto hiz chest!  Luckily the burn wasn't too severe and he remained on the terraces!  
He woz the son of one of the lads on wor trip caalled Bernie and he later telt us that hiz son woz actually half ITALIAN az that's where hiz mam came from!---Ironic to say the least!

Anyway!---We battled on and dreams of actually winnin away in this iconic stadium came to mind!
Unfortunately, it wasn't to be az Inter equalised on the hour mark through anothaa heeder, this time from Coroba, who rose above wor defence to send hiz powerful nod past Shay Given, actually got a finger tip to it, but woz unable to keep it oot!

2-2 the final score and we were (of course!) locked in for a good hour after the game had finished to allow the Inter fans to disperse!

It woz then back to central Milan to enjoy several 'gargels' before retirin' back to wor hotel for the neet, before catchin the flight yem the next mornin'!

"THE BIG SLEEP!"----"ZZZzzzz!!!!"

In the afternoon before the game, one of wor party had decided to have an 'afternoon nap' after a heavy session! (FATAL!)   
No one knew where he had gone tee and hiz mate couldn't find him!?  On hiz retorn to the hotel after the match, hiz mate went to hiz room to find him asleep on the bed!  He woke up and uttered the fateful words! 
"IZ IT TIME TO GAN TO THE MATCH, YET?"----Hiz mate could hardly contain himself----"YI DAFT C**T!---We've BEEN to the match---we drew 2-2, Shearer got both wor goals!"---"AAAaaaaggghhh!"