Friday 22 September 2023

363 centro sportivo pepino visamara (v ac milan u19s)

 Ground number 363

Date of First Visit: 19th September 2023

Centro Sportivo Pepini Visamara Training Ground, Milan, Italy

AC Milan U19s 4

Newcastle United U19s 0

UEFA Youth League

Attendance: 400  (est) 10 or so Toon fans dotted about the seats! 5 NUFC mad-sad groundhoppers (Glennn from Ashington, Blondie Alan the Morris Dancer, Big Al (NOT the sheet metal workers son), Sarnie Steve, ‘me’) and 5 related to players including Jamie Miley’s dad and granddad (who I went to school with when I woz 5 years old!)


After the gruelling 15 hour jorney the day before to Milan for wor Champions Leegue game v AC Milan ,3 of wor party (me, Big Al ( NOT the sheet metal workers son!) and Sarnie Steve) decided to take in wor U19s game v AC Milan U19s on the south side of Milan at their training groond which kicked off at 1:00pm bells’ and gave us plenty of time to travel to the north side of Milan for the ‘6:45 bells’ start in the ‘big boys game’!

The day before it had been p-ssin doon and videos of Toon fans slidin doon the streets next to a canal were seeing the Roond on social media!

In total contrast to that, it woz deed hot with the ‘current bun’ shining brightly in the sky above and a ride to the nearest stop to the trainin groond on the Metro and a tram woz undertaken!

Ax expected? we ended up on the wrang side of the groond where a gateman told us to gan to the other side, which woz a good 20 minute walk away!

On the way we foond oot that the kick off woz infact '2:00pm bells' which gave us a bit more time az it woz now near to '1:00pm bells'

But this meant that we would have an hour less to get to The San Siro!

We eventually got to the entrance but we needed e tickets to get in, which of course we didnt have!  We were told by a steward to download the FREE tickets from Milan's website from the poster on the fence!

And this to watch a kids game!?-wot a palarvour!

After nearly half an hours fruitless attempts to dee this we feared that we wouldnt get in!-----But then Glennn from Ashington, who woz inside the groond came alang and told us that he'd managed to download 5 tickets, 3 of which had been scanned on hiz phone!

He passed hiz phone ower a wire fence and tried to see if it would work!---The 2 unscanned tickets were OK and so norves were janglin' for the 3rd ticket which had aalready been scanned!

By some miracle it WORKED and we aall got in!  Glennn to the rescue!

We were housed in a smaall covered stand with the rest of the groond surroonded by trees!

The game kicked off and straight away Milan went on the attack and within 16 minutes NUFCs youngins were 1-0 doon when Traore shot from close range from a cross!

Just 4 mins later they got a penalty which woz taken by Camarda who rifled the baall doon the middle to put them 2-0 up!

Worse woz to follow when Camarda hit a raspin shot in the 26th minute, from inside the box, givin' Harrison in The Toon goal nee chance! 3-0 doon aalready and it looked like it would be a cricket score by the end! (Camarda, az Glennn informed us woz aanly 15 years old!)

We had a chance to get off the mark in the 35th minute, when Parkinson woz clean through but hiz shot from very close in woz hit straight at their keeper and the chance woz gone! 

HT 3-0 to Milan---It should have been more!

Another chance for Parkinson with a heeder from a Jamie Miley corner just missed the target in the 58th minute!

The anly goal in the 2nd period woz another penalty in the 75th minute when a push on one of their attackers in the box resulted in the spot kick!--Zeroli took it and sent Harrison the wrang way!

FT 4-0 to AC Milan U19s

After the match we hurried straight for the tram to take us back to the centre of Milan and then a Metro to San Siro!---We didnt have time for any gargels and heeded straight for the groond where security woz very tight!-----See Champions Leegue match report! (Ground 220 revisited)

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