An 'A' to 'Z' of 'The Geordie Times' futbaall club nicknames---For the benefit of wor owerseas visitors especially!

 Under copyright laws 'The Geordie Times' iz not allowed to publish fixture lists--(we divvint want to get sued by 'The FA'---like!)  so we've improvised and have made up wor aan nicknames for clubs--some of them current nicknames or their former nicknames, which they ne langer use!

The Toon----Geordie slang for the name of the team and the city

(The) Arse---for obvious reasons

(The) Baggie Troosers----a 'WEST' Midlands club---the clue iz in the 'Baggie' and they are so caalled az in the 19th century they used to wear baggy shorts!

(The) Biscuit Men----a former nickname they ditched (but we havvent!)---they now caall themselz the grandleee titled ' Royals'

The) Blue Moonies---Their fans have the song 'Blue Moon' az their anthem (they play in light blue)

(The) Blue Wigs or Toupee Athletic---For obvious reasons----They Play in blue

(The) Canary Custard Crumbles---their owner iz a famous female TV cook and they hail from Bornard Matthews country and they play in yellow custard coloured shirts!

(The) Cockney Reds of Salford---they have a reputed fan base of 10,000 in London and az any self respectin' Blue Moonie fan will tell you, they play in the city of Salford (where the BBC have relocated!) (I wonder why?) 

(The) Jellied Eels Mob----jellied eels iz a delecaseee amonst theeze Cockney boys and gorls from 'Landan's eest end!

(The) Kings Road OAPs---Their former nickname used to be 'The Pensioners' after the Old Chelsea Pensioners war veterans. (OAPs=Old Aged Pensioners) They then changed their nickname to 'The Blues' a few years ago. They play on the Kings Road in the borough of FULHAM!  (aka 'Chelski' due to their Russian benefactor)

(The) Liverbirds----yi may az well give up if yi cannit get this one!

Moanin' Martin's SMBs=Martin iz their manager. The 'M' stands for mackem, which iz the name of someone born on wearside 
(yi'll have to work the rest oot for yiselz!)
Anotha clue: the 'S' iz 3 letters and the 'B' iz 8 letters!

Yet anotha clue!---put it this way!---they DIVVINT need one of theeze this season!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(The) Pullis P*ss Potts---The Potters iz thier nickname and Pullis iz their manager

(The) Toffee Noses---a club from the blue side of Morseyside

Sooothampton----a 'saintly club' from the soooth coast!

(The) Spanish Holiday Home X1----Their name soond like a Spanish holiday home (beleeeve it or not!?) Aalso knaan az The Hazbeens and Villians coz they have ex Toon and SMB players/failures in their side 

Sporz----A "norf Landan" club!

Steptoe Rag and Bone Men Rangers-----the hit 1960s comedy series Steptoe and Son waz based in this 'west Landan' suburb where this team plays

(The) Swan Lakers---for obvious reasons

(The) Wacko Jacko Jivers----the 'beloved'? owner of this club placed a statue of this former pop idol ootside hiz groond in west Landan next to the river Thames
(Wacko Jacko once waalked across the halloweed torf of this groond---hence the statue!?)

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