Monday 11 April 2011

BLACKBURN ROVERS RES 4 V THE TOON RES 4 ground 278: Leigh Sports Village Stadium

Posted       '11:45 pm bells' Monday 11th April
The away games 
have been com-in' up thick and fast and toneet we  played wor THORD away game on the trot on wor SECOND NEW GROOND in the last SIX days, when we heeded to Leigh Centurions Rugby League groond @ '7 bells' for wor *last Premier Resorve League game of the season against Blackburn's second string (*barrin' any play offs)

This time--- we WERE actually allowed in, ("Horray!") so at least there WAS some atmosphere, unlike the 'lock out' @ Great Barr last Tuesday . (See below!)

The toon of Leigh is much nearer to Wigan and Bolton than it is to Blackburn, which is some 17 miles! distant. 

Aroond  350 were present as the game kicked off, which included aboot 150 Toon fans  in the 11,000 capacity stadium. And what a thriller we saw in this 'see-saw' game which finished four's each.
Phil Airey (2)(1 pen) ,Ryan Donaldson and James Perch were wor goalscorers 

Posted '7 pm bells' Tuesday 12th April
The official attendance was actually 416 ---so I'm 66 oot with my estimate!  ('grovellin' apologeeez to aall wor readers!)

NUFC mad-sad groundhoppers report to follow in the next few days
("Wwwwatch this space!")

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