Sunday 12 November 2023

Bournemoooth 2. The Toon 0. —-Premyaa Leegue 2023-2024

 Posted from 11:19am  bells  onwards 12th Novembaa 2023 on the train back!

Pleeze expect many misstayz az am deein this brief report on a smaall mobile telling bone!

Toon in unlucky green again (we played in green in Dortmund last Tuesday!) We have played in eethaa the green top or white top with green trim 12 times and have won just ONCE!

“More south coast sorrow!”

Let’s say straight away that this woz definitely wor worst performance of the season az wor severely depleted squad through injuries and suspensions struggled to contain a Bournemoooth team who were in the relegation zone at the kick off!

Add Almiron to the list az well!

From the start the home side went on the attack and had several chances to take the lead!

17 year old Lewis Miley made his first start and iz the youngest ever Toon player to start a Premyaa Leegue game!  (Av mentioned this before---Ah went to school with Lewis's granddad when we were 5 years old----"Lewis Miley---He's one of our own!")

We somehow managed to survive til half time az everyone looked shattered with Miggy Almiron forced off due to a hamstring injury! (More injuries to add to the very long list!—includin suspensions we make it a whole team of 11 unavailable!) (Er! Sorry! TWELVE including ‘Miggy’!)

So it woz nee wonder that in the 2nd half that Bournemooth opened the scoring’ when Willock made a misstayk and Solanke fired home in the 60thminute!

The home side doubled their lead in the 73rd minute through Solanke again and with virtually nee sign of a Toon goal it ended 2-0 to them!  

Man of the match iz undoubtably 'The Pope' in the Toon goal who made many great saves to keep the score doon! This woz wor forst Premyaa Leegue defeat since August when we played badly again v Brighton and lost 3-1–South coast sorrow for certain!

At the end the team came ower to applaud the travellin fans and one arsehole slagged Trippier off and he woz non too pleased!  (We had just left before that, but seen the altercation on 'Twitter' later on!)

This tosser should lose aall his loyalty points az he definatly ISN’T a loyal fan  FULL STOP!⚫️

Lewis Miley---"He's one of our own!"

Attendance: 11,201 (1,300 Toon fans! Although there were some empty seats?)

A bugler plays the last post before the game

Pub crawl pix ----anly 3 this time! Runnin total 55




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