Saturday 11 November 2023


 Posted 'high noon bells' Saturday 11th Novembaa 2023 (Armistice Day)


The games have been comin up thick and fast again and 'az we speak' we are on wor travels yet again, heedin to Bournemoooth on the south coast---The langest ever distance for a Premyaa Leegue/top flight game! (750 miles roond trip)  (We've played at Plymoooth of course, which iz an 820 mile roond trip, but that woz in The Championship/old 2nd Division, az they have never been in the top flight!) 

We have so many injuries and suspensions that we divvint have a clue wot team Steady Eddie will put oot v Bournemoooth?

Below iz a match report from wor U19s game v Borussiaaa Dortmund U19s on Tuezday afternooon at Dortmund's Brakel Trainin groond!----After that it woz off to the main stadium for wor Champions Leegue game at the main stadium! (Match report on that below!)

We are hearin that we are gettin a reduced allocation of just 2,000 tickets for wor Champions Leegue game at PSG in Paris at the end of the month!

NUFC have protested to UEFA, az we want wor full 5% allocation which iz 2,450 (Capacity 49,000)

The Geordie Times will of course let yoo know if we are successful in gettin the extra 450 tickets, which we are entitled to!?

A brief match report on the Bournemoooth game will appear here on the train back via King's Cross in London sometime on Sunday, but bare in mind that aa will be deein it on mee smaall mobile 'telling bone'---so many misstayks are likely! (To be updated on mee laptop when aa get yem!)

Az per usual "Watch this space!"

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