Wednesday 8 November 2023

365 signal iduna park, dortmund, germany

Ground number 365 (117th consecutive European competition game home and away)

Date of First visit: 7th November 2023

Signal Iduna Park, Dortmund, Germany

Borussia Dortmund 2

Newcastle United 0

Champions League Group Stage 'F'

Attendance: 81,365 (3,900 Toon fans plus 1,000 plus more in the home sections

“Once yiv seen one waall,  yiv seen them aall!

View from row 23 seat 23 in the upper tier.  Toon in green strip

*”Injury crisis engulfs The Toon!”

With 7 players ruled oot because of injuries and 1 suspended it woz never gannin to be eezy—Add in the fact that we didn’t play very well and a 2-0 defeat wozzint a surprise!

Ower 10,000 had travelled to Jawmany and with an allocation of just 3,900 many Toon fans bought tickets for the home sections on the black market for 150 euros upwards!

The Yellow Wall at Dortmund behind the home goal holds 35,000 and iz huge and they did a canny flag display az The Champions Leegue tune rang oot before the game!! (Not az good az ‘Wor Flags’ of course!)

Aalso they played ‘You’ll never walk alone' ower the tannoy to very loud booos from The Toon end!

From the word ‘go’ we looked knackered and Dortmund looked the better side!

After some lucky deflections the baall fell to Fullrug in the 26th minute and he made nee misstayk,beatin Pope in The Toon goal in front of The Yellow Wall!(Fullrug had certainly pulled the rug from under wor feet!)(sic!)

HT 1-0 to them

*We played much better in the 2nd period and Joelinton missed 2 glorious chances, heedin wide both times!

And did we pay the price for those missedmisses!  In the 79th minute Brandt woz put clean though and placed his shot beyond The Pope in The Toon goal!

Almiron aalso had a great chance but fired straight at their keeper!

The players came ower to applaud the travelling’ faithful at the end!

And we have to say that the Dortmund fans were great with nee animosity---Indeed Toon fans were in the home sections WITH their colours on! 

Attendance: 81,365  3,900 Toon fans in the away end plus aboot 1,000 in the home sections! (At least!)

Dortmund fans protest against the European Super Leegue (Not aboot the NUFC takeover az reported by the BBC) The 3 main culprits below!

From left to right: Juventus owner, UEFA president and PSG owner

A 2-0 defeat and with ACcMilan beatin PSG 2-1 it woz more bad news az it sent us to the bottom of Group F (it iz indeed the group of death!)

We have 2 more chances to try and get 2 the top 2 and qualify for the knockout stage—/ it won’t be eezy

*footnote: beforehand we had watched wor U19s draw 2-2 v Dortmund U19s at their Braken trainin groond, so that’s 2 new groonds to add to the list for The NUFC mad-sad groundhoppers!

Numbers 364 and 365🤪👍

We’ve done aall the world’s waalls now!

1 The Berlin waall (when NUFC played Chemnister)

2,The Byker waall! (of course!)

3 The Great waall of China-town (The city waalls near SJP in Bath Lane and behind Stowell Street)

4 The Borussiaaa Dortmund Yellow waall 

5 And of course Hadrians waall 

And speaking of that, have yoo ever wondered where The Sycamore Gap Tree ended up after it woz chopped doon?

Whey maan!—-We foond it in wor hotel foyer in Düsseldorf before wor game in Dortmund! 🌳 🤪👍

More on aall this much later  plus a match and booze report on both games! (It’s nearly 3 bells 🔔 now and time for boardin for the 3 30 bells flight ✈️ back to Toon airport!)

In total 9 places that sold booze were visited on wor way to and back from Dortmund. Toon airport, Dusseldorf, Dortmund and Dusseldorf airport

Runnin total 52

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