Thursday 7 March 2019


Posted '1:00pm bells' Thorsday 7th March 2019


News reaches us from the Readin' website that wor Premier Leegue Cup tie v Readin' U23s will take place a week tomorrow on Friday 15th March at KINGFIELD STADIUM, WOKING, Surrey at '1:00pm bells!
A groond we have never been tee before!

The logistics of gettin' there will prove a headache though, az we play Bounemoooth away in The Premyaa Leegue the day after.
The sensible thing to do iz stay the night in Woking and travel to Bournemoooth the next day, az it isn't far away!

HOWEVER! I am NOT a sensible person!---az I MUST travel back yem after the Woking game, az I have a train ticket where 2 people must travel together to Bournemoooth and aa will drop mee mate 'Big Al' 'in it' if aa don't travel doon with him!

Az the train fares are horrendous that Friday (£120 plus at least!) I will probably drive to Woking and back (roond trip 600 miles), gan to bed for a few hours---"ZZZZzzzz!" and heed for 'The Central' on the Saturday mornin' to catch the orly '5:26 bells' train to London and then onward to Bournemoooth---wor langest trip of the season at 700 miles for the roond trip!---That's 1,300 miles in total for the 2 games!
Footnote: I have foond a cheaper price for a retorn train jorney to London which iz £83 on the Friday---and then onward to Woking and back via tube and anothaa train! (£25?)---So train it iz!

Remember!  Yoo read aboot wor trip to Woking forst in 'The Geordie Times'--- and nee where else!ðŸ˜Ļ

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