Thursday 14 March 2019


Posted '2:48pm bells' Thorsday 14th March 2019

'The NUFC mad-sad groundhoppers' face a hectic 2 days on Friday and Saturday, when forst we heed to Surrey where wor U23s are playin' Reading U23s in the 'U23s Premyaa Leegue Cup last 16' at Woking FCs Kingsfield Stadium and then onward to Dorset on Saturday where we face Bournemoooth in a Premyaa Leegue encoontaa at Dean Court! (aka Vitality Stadium)

The handful of groundhoppers deein the 2 games are stopping doon on the Friday neet for the relatively short trip between the 2 groonds!---BUT aa cannit and MUST come back on the Friday evenin, az I'm on one of those '2 must travel together tickets' for Bournemoooth and mee mate 'Big Al' (NOT the sheet metal workers son!) iz anly deein the Bournemoooth game and would face a heavy penalty charge (ower £100) if aa wasn't travellin with him! (The venue for the Reading game wasn't announced til last week AFTER we'd bought wor 'non returnable' Bournemoooth train tickets!)

SO! my 'itinerary' iz----catch the 7:29am bells' train to London from 'The Central' (station) on Friday mornin---heed for Woking to see wor U23s on a new groond (KO '1:00 bells') and then heed back to London to catch the '7:30pm bells' train from King's Cross and get yem around aboot '11pm-ish bells'---grab a few hours sleep "ZZZZzzzz!"---and heed back to 'The Central' on Saturday morning and catch the '5:26am bells' train back to King's Cross---and then onward to Bournemoooth for wor forst team game, which kicks off at '3:00 bells'---stop owerneet in London on the way back and then heed for King's Cross yet again to catch an orly Sunday mornin' train back to The Toon! (I hope yoo are followin' aall this!?) 
A total jorney of 1,300 miles by train by the time aa finally get back on Sunday!

They divvint caall me 'The mad-sad groundhopper' for nothin'!

PS: 'Geordie Times' match reports on both games will be done on mee 'mobile' on the train(s) back from London on Friday neet (Reading U23s game) and Sunday mornin' (Bournemoooth game)

*Beware of plenty of spelin mistayks az the train ride iz a bit bumpy!

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