Sunday 11 June 2023


Posted 'high noon bells' Sunday 11th Joon 2023

On this day 54 ago 'The Toon' won the old Inter Cities Fairs Cup in the Hungarian capital of Budapest by beatin' Ujpest Dozsa 3-2 on the day and 6-2 on aggregate, after wor 
3-0 forst leg win a fortneet orlier .

I was still a schoolkid at the time and me and mee mate 'Billy the Skin' listened to the final on a crackly old valve radio in his bedroom of his muthaaz hoose as the game wasn't televised live.

It didn't look 'ower clever' by half time as we were two-nowt doon, but as the 2nd half started, Bobby Moncur vollied in to pull one back and Ujpest just collapsed after that.

Benny Arentoft got wor equaliser soon after  and then Alan Foggon got the winner from a rebounded shot off himsel? as the radio commentator screamed his heed off:"IT'S A GOAL!--IT'S A GOAL!", he shouted at the top of his voice, above the 'crattles' of the radio, and it was 'game ower' as the ref blew the final whistle soon after! 

The bedroom floor nearly collapsed as we jumped up and doon on the creakin' floorboards in jubulation, as, (just like the radio commentator) WE shouted at the top of WOR VOICES as well!

We celebrated wor win by runnin' doon nearby Whickham Highway wavin' an NUFC flag and a huge 'Rangers' 'William of Orange banner' depictin' a gadgie wearin' a funny lookin' hat, ridin' a white horse, (would you believe!) which Billy had 'half inched' as a souviner from the policehut at 'The Leazes End', after we'd played and beaten Rangers in the Fairs Cup semi final @ St James Park in May! 
(At the time we didn't have a clue aboot the 'significance ' of the sectarian nature of the banner---we were just schoolkids after aall!)

Some very puzzled motorists on the road nearly crashed their cars when they seen us!, but they 'didn't have a clue eetha' just wot we were dein', as we sang and danced and waved the huge banner! (which we could hardly lift as it was so heavy!)

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