Friday 28 June 2024


 Posted '3:33pm bells' Friday 28th Joon 2024

News that wor 1st team are due to play a Friendly away to Hull City on Saturday July 27th at '2:00pm bells' have been reveeeld! 

Then its off to Japan for 2 friendlies on Wedinzday 31st July v Urawa Red Diamonds at Saitama Stadium and then on Saturday 3rd August we play Yokohama F Marios at the National Stadium in Tokyo!

Then a day later, back on home soil, on Sunday 4th August wor U21s are off to Soooth Shields for wor forst ever visit to the 1st Cloud Arena in a '1;00 pm bells' kick off friendly!

NUFC have said that corporate hospitality packages are available for the Sela Cup on Friday 9th and Saturday 10th August at SJP---although there are nee details yet, of just who? we are playin on those dates??

Then a week later the Premyaa Leegue starts with a home game v newly promoted Sooothampton on Saturday 17th August at '3:00pm bells'

PS: There iz nee news aboot a possible friendly in Jawmany where NUFC are in a pre season trainin camp!

The Geordie Times will of course keep yoo, wor loyal subjects, posted on any developments on this!

Az per usual—“Watch this space!”

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