Monday 9 July 2012


Updated '9:40am bells' Tuesday 10th July 2012 

With just THREE F**KIN' DAYS!  to gan nuw, (and coontin'!) before wor proposed game against Chemnitzer of Jawmany, there is STILL ne official conformation from NUFC that this game will definatlee gan aheed!---(it's unbelievable!) or indeed the proposed game against Monaco a few days later, aalso in Jawmany!---or! az we now hear-- there's another game rumoured in AUSTRIA!? against Torkish side Fenebache (ie: we divvint even naa which f**kin' COUNTRY! we are supposed to be playin' in!

Aalso, we hear that Den Haag (the 'Millwall' of Holland!) have 'supposedly'? arranged a friendly against us for Saturday August 4th @ '5 bells' in The Hague and that tickets are on sale to home fans (ne confirmation of course from 'The NUFC Secret Service'!) 

On top of that!---the trip to The Algarve Tournament at the end of July, which HAZ been conformed, we hear there's a proposed extra game in Portugal against Sportin Lisbon in the same week-----but again!---NE official word from NUFC aboot this, or where this iz to be played, so we are reluctant to book the flights til we find oot the dates!
'The Ronny-Gill' (Newcastle's evenin' newspaper)on Saturday states that these games will take place---BUT!---they've been wrang before az well!

This leaves us 'in limbo' az in the past, rumoured games which we have booked flights for on the continent, have been cancelled for one reason or anotha, leavin' us oot of pocket! (SEE BELOW!)
Aalso of course!---the langer we wait to book---the higher the price gans!

Just why they carnt let us know where we are playin' with little more than fower days to gan before the 'alleged' forst game---iz beyond us!?--- but sommik we've grown used to az the years gan by!

Typical Toon Tactics!?????

For conformed and unconformed fixtures***see below!----
Az yoo can see there are more question marks than answers!????? 

Conformed forst team fixtures

Friday 27th July
Olimpiakos @ Algarve Stadium, Portugal

Saturday 28th July
Braga @ Algarve Stadium (they replace FC Porto who we were due to play!)

Saturday 11th August
Cardiff City 'Redwings' @ Cardiff City Stadium, Wales

Unconformed forst team fixtures
(book flights and hotels at your peril!)

Friday 13th July
Chemnitzer in East Jawmany?

Monday 16th July
AS Monaco in Southern Jawmany?

Date to be conformed
Fenerbahce in Vienna, Austria?

Date to be conformed
Sportin Lisbon somewhere in Portugal?

Saturday 5th August
Den Haag in The Hague, Holland?

Aalso anly ONE resorve game haz been conformed so far?--which iz against Gatesheed on August the forst!

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