Monday 9 July 2012


Updated '11:00pm bells' Tuesday 10th July 2012

<<< 'The Geordie Times's' Toon club 'sauce' haz informed us in strict confidence that NUFC will officially annoonce sometime today the details of wor pre season games in Jawmany and beyond! (at last!)

Apparentleeee!---even the players have been 'left in the dark' aboot wor pre season arrangements and aall will be revealed in less than 24 hours time!

Then!--mebeez we (the loyal and daft mugs---er!---fans!) can start makin' arrangements to fly to east Jawmany---Holland---and---Portugal---etc!---to support the team later this week! (just mebeez!?)

Wor club 'insider' haz aalso telt us that a resorve game against Leeds resorves iz aalso planned at some point soon at a venue and date yet to be decided! 
Meeenwhile!---in the Algarve Tournament, Braga have replaced Porto in the competition but kick off times and dates remain the same!

NO STONE! will be left untorned to give wor loyal readership the latest news, second hand---forst!  

REMEMBAA!---yi read aall this forst in 'The Geordie Times'!---your number ONE website for the latest and 'elusive news' from NUFC!---"er!"---sorry that shud read 'EXCLUUUUSIVE NEWS'!

PS: just foond oot!---NUFC team to fly to Jawmany on Thorsday morn!---GAME ON!

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