Saturday 14 July 2012

CHEMNITZER 1 (ANTON FINK)< (er! definatleee NOT me!) THE TOON 0

Posted '8:15pm bells' Saturday 14th July 2012

(Ground number 287)


In total it took me and 'Big Al' (NOT! the sheet metal workers son!) a total of TWENTY SIX hours to de the roond trip to east Jawmany---via Glasgow-Berlin-Dresden and Chemnitz and we've just arrived back at Saturday teatime after gettin' oot of wor Dresden hotel beds at five this mornin' to catch the train to Berlin and then the flight back to Glasgow! (aall flights to Newcastle were fully booked, az we'd left it so late to book, in case the game didn't take place!)

Because of the uncertainty of just who we could  be playin' later this week, we just booked a 'three day job' for the one match in this former communist country from behind the 'iron curtain'

There will be a full 'Geordie Times mad-sad groundhoppers' match/lack of pubs/rain report later this week, (it f*****' p*st doon most of the time!) but in the meantime here's the full 'horror story' of the match. (in more ways than one for me!)

New signin' Romain Amalfitano made hiz debut for The Toon who sported a slightly different black n  white kit from last season and wor otha debutant Geal Bigirimana came on az a sub at the mid point of the 2nd half 

A healthy lookin' crowd estimated by us az aroond the  six thoosand mark were boosted by aboot 150 Toon fans in the visitors section and another 50 or so in the main stand includin' many of the 'NUFC mad-sad groundhoppers!'

There'd been heavy rain since we'd got there, but it had faired up aboot an hour before kick off.
Things didn't start off well and Chemnitzers centre forward who waz caalled 'Fink' (believe it or not!)---scored in the 12th minute when he rifled in an effort past Elliot in The Toon goal.

'Glennn from Ashinghton' who waz sittin' next to me, said: "Shame on you!" az he shook hiz heed in disgust!---but! I waz "NOT GUILTY  M'LORD" az I was sittin' in row 2 of the main stand, miles from the action! (So divvint blame me---blame mee namesake!)

Anyway!---it waz a very forgettable game (apart from 'yee naa wot!') and despite SIX 2nd half substitutions, includin' new boy Bigirimana, Shola Ameobi and Demba Ba, we couldn't find a way through the thord division Jawman sides defence and we wandered off afta the final whistle, havin' lost to a 'Fink' goal, wonderin' just why we'd bothered!
(Aa waz then bombarded by HATE text messages from irate Toon fans back home, demandin' explanations!) ("HELP!") 
It's not 'Friday the 13th'---iz it????

Toon team: Elliot, Tavernier (Simpson 66), R Taylor (Santon 66), Williamson, Perch, Gosling, Abeid (Bigirimana 66), Amalfitano, Sammy Ameobi (Ba 74), Vuckic (Shola Ameobi 66), Obertan (Gutierrez 74)

Attendance: 6,700 (200 or so Toon fans)

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