Saturday 16 January 2021


 Posted '7:47pm bells' Saturday 16th January 2021

Quiz question--yoo have 5 seconds to answer!

How many days are there between 31st October and 16th January?  

If you got the answer of 71 days in 5 seconds yoo are a mathimatical genius!

If yoo cheated and counted the days on a calendar and said you'd got the answer in 5 second, then yoo are a 2 faced liar!

See below to see wot the then sund'lind manager Broken Nose Bruce said when we slaughtered them 5-1  in the Halloween derby massacre on October 31st 2010!

Note that Bruce says, "It's 71 days til the next derby at "OUR PLACE", not that we are counting!" (How did he know that it woz 71 days if he didn't count them?) --and he went on, "It was typical of THAT club's etiquette!"---
A boyhood NUFC fan my arse!

The retorn game woz on the 16th January 2011 (1-1), but Bruce woz sacked soon after the 5-1 thrashing and never got his revenge on NUFC! (Until now!)

 10 years later, he IZ gettin hiz REVENGE now az manager of us, with his terrible, defensive, so boring, non scorin futbaall!

He has said he will never walk away from a job!

But he DID walk the walk from Sheff Wed to come here----plus many other teams like Hull and Bormingham!

In other words he talks complete tosh and hiz broken nose does seem a lot longer these days!

Results of the teams below us divvint make good readin today, as WBA and Brightin won away but Fulim who occupy the 3rd relegation place, lost 1-0 to Chelski in the evenin kick off!-- meaning that we are still 7 points above them in 15th place!

It's pathetic that once again we praying for the basement clubs to lose, but we can anly save worsels at the end of the day!

(NUFC divvint play The Arse away til Munday neet!)

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