Saturday 2 January 2021


Posted '8:30pm bells' Saturday 2nd January 2021


Cannit believe Brucie's upbeat talk aboot wor 'great' performances in the last 2 games!  The way he is gannin on yoo would 'fink' that we had actually beaten Man City and Liverpoool, when in fact we didnt even score a solitary goal and had just 2 shots on target in each game!

The anly plus point iz that we didnt concede 10 goals in the 2 games as expected, and actually got a precious point into the bargain!

I've seen too many up and doon 'helter skelter' rides' in the time I have supported NUFC, way before 'Broken Nose Bruce' and 'The Fat Controller' were here! (ie: climb up the ladder when we win, then come sliding doon the chute, when we lose!)

In the 1960's I witnessed my first ever defeat watchin The Toon, v Carlisle in the FA Cup in front of a 56,500 crowd, anly for us to bounce back in the next 2 home games--and then gan backwards again!

In the 1970s it happened again when we lost to a non leegue team beginning with the *8th letter of the alphabet ( I woz there!)(*I still can hardly bear to say their name, to this day!) and then beating Man U away in the next game!

And so it gans on into the 80s, 90s and the 21st century!

AYE! we did play a lot better against Liverpoool, in paticular, but for Bruce to say that it woz a 'great' performance, woz a bit ower the top!

Arguably, wor best player Saint-Maximin iz still suffering from covid and will be missin for sometime yet!--so we must get by withoot him!---We wish him well!

We shall soon find oot what 'team' will torn oot, when we play 'The Basil Brush Brigade' of Lestaa tomorrow, az to wethaa the corner haz at last been torned, OR not az the case may be!? ( ie: will we gan for the jugular---OR park the bus?)

Geordie Times 'live' updates will be forthcomin' from mee laptop from the '2:15pm bells' kick off time!

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