Friday 30 October 2020


 Posted 'high noon bells' Halloween Saturday' 31st October 2020


Wor broken nosed manager haz come oot with a ridiculous statement, sayin' that last weeks 'faall asleep game' v Wolves at Molineux woz "More like it!"

Wot does he meeeen??? The performance v Wolves woz total c*ap!----2 shots on target aall game, includin Murphy's free kick goal! "ZZZZzzzz!!!!"

He's aalso said that fans are 'keyboard warriors' on the internet, who are slaggin hiz tactics and says that that iz the opinion of a minority of  supporters---Divvint 'fink' so, like, Brucey baby!

Iz he in 'denial'?

However there IZ sommik that he haz said that we agree with---lettin' fans back into groonds!-----Fans can gan to the pictures (cinema) in doors and watch games on the big screen, but are not allowed into open air stadiums!---It don't make sense!---just like the 'tier 3' rule that pubs that sorve food CAN stay open, but pubs who just sell beer CANNIT!???

Luckily the north east iz still in 'tier 2' and AALL pubs can remain open, so we will be able to watch wor home game v Evaatin in Rosies Bar (which anly sorves beer!), which iz within 'hocklin distance' of SJP!

Wor plans for today woz to heed for Dunston where 'The Bad Blue Boys' were takin on Ossett United in a Northern Premyaa Leegue North West Division game (where 200 fans ARE allowed in!)

Unfortunately an Ossett player haz went doon with the 'bat out of hell virus' and the game haz been postponed!---The 3rd time this season that Dunston have had a game caalled of coz of the virus! 

Like aa say, it don't make sense that the likes of Dunston and Newcasil Blue Star can let a few fans in, but NUFC CANNIT let ANYBODY into a 52,000 seater stadium!???

It iz now just ower 8 months since we last set foot inside SJP and we have now missed 10 games in a row at home in the Leegue and cups!

(Last home game when we could gan woz on February 29th v Bornley, a 0-0 draw in front of 52,219!---- and watchin us on the telly etc. since then haz been pure torture!- (Watchin on a telly, laptop or phone!-----and some of wor woeful performances, Brightin, Moan U, Wolves etc!)

Shelvey, Dubravka, Gayle and Ritchie are still crocked, but Hayden, Matty Longstaff, Dummett and Clark are in contention for the Evaatin game on Sunday afternooon! ('2:00 bells' ko live on Sky) (nee pay per view)

A full match report on the game will appear here---eventually!

PS: We are frantically lookin' for another Saturday 'fix' after the late Dunston cancellation----lets see if we can find anothaa new groond a this afternooon, in the never endin' 'magical mystery groonds tour'!

Az per usual---"Watch this space!"

Updated Sunday mornin'

We DID indeed find a game!---A 8 goal thriller in the Northern Alliance!---Aall will be revealed on Munday, after the NUFC match report!

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