Friday 30 October 2020


 Posted 'high noon bells' Friday 30th October 2020

News that at last NUFC are to refund fans for games they wont see, haz reached 'The Geordie Times'!

But hang on a minute? ---There's a 'catch'?

Lang torm season ticket holders can claim money back for 5 games, BUT must still continue to pay monthly direct debits for the rest of the season and then claim THAT back when 10 home games have been played, etc!?

Its aall Irish to me (excuse the pun!)  Why not just give the money back for missed games and stop the direct debits until we can gan back?--Like aall othaa Premyaa Leegue clubs have done???

Of course that's too easy, isnt it just!?  And there is a deadline to dee this for the forst 5 games (Friday November 27th) --and then the next 5! (whenever!?)---and then the next 5! (whenever!?)

Shud we not be able to gan back at aall this season, then the money paid will gan to pay for the 2021-2022 season tickets!

Meeenwhile, mee latest bank statement tells me that October's direct debit woz taken oot on the 15th of the month!

Will fans lose their loyalty away points if they claim the money back? (Ower 500 in my case!)  We divvint naa?, so, in my case aa will just keep on paying and not upset the 'apple cart'!

It could anly happen to us!

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