Saturday 24 October 2020


 Posted '10:05am bells' Saturday 24th October 2020

Wor plans to travel to deepest Lancashire to watch a game on a new groond on Saturday suffered a double whammy!

We planned to gan to Mossley near Oldham  to watch Dunston's away game, but 2 things happened to put a spanner in the works! 

Forstly,  'Boris' annoonced a 3 tier lockdown to shut the pubs and stop unnecessary travel in the Greater Manchester area! ---and then a Mossley player went doon with the 'bat out of hell' virus and the game woz postponed! 

It meant that 'The NUFC mad-sad groundhoppers' have had to find a new groond to get wor 'fix'----and we foond it reet here on Tyneside!

In othaa words the 'Magical Mystery Grounds Tour' will take us to 'pastures new' today, and aall will be revealed sometime on Sunday, before NUFC take on Wolves at Molineux in a '4:30 bells' start!

Watch this space tomorrow to find oot exactly where we went?---and a full 'Geordie Times' match report on the game will appear here in due course!

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