Monday 12 October 2020


 Posted just after 'high noon bells'bells' Munday 12th October 2020

News that Moan U and The Liverbirds have been secretly taalkin to the Premyaa Leegue and EFL aboot havin more power to completly block any takeowers of any clubs ootside the so caalled 'big six' haz been reveeeled, in wot haz been dubbed 'PROJECT BIG PICTURE'

Bizarrely, they are sayin that in total 9 Premyaa Leegue clubs will have a say, includin' Sooothampton and 'The Jellied Eels Mob' of West Ham and will have total power ower the othaa 11 clubs AND the EFL

The othaa 11 include NUFC, az they say that we are NOT az big az Sooothampton, even though we have spent just 3 seasons ootside the top flight since The Premyaa Leegue woz formed in 1992! 

This, they say, iz because Sooothampton and West Ham have had a langer continuous run in the top flight az us!----Anything to stop 'US' joinin' 'the club'! (ie: Make the rules up az they gan!)

Conspiracy theory's aboot wor failed takeower by the PIF now make more sense!  (ie: They dont want anybody else to join their 'exclusive club' that wins the Leegue and cups virtually every season!)

It will aall unravel of course, just like the PPV charge of nearly 15 quid to watch The Toon v Moan U next Saturday neet! (Yours truely will NOT pay it, and will watch on a dodgy website channel (allegedly!) instead! (Hope picture doesn't freeeze!?) 

Much more to follow on aall this of course----az per usual

"Watch this space!"


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