Saturday 13 March 2021


 Posted from '7:45pm bells' onwards, Saturday 13th March 2021


Results of othaa teams have not gone wor way today, in wor fight to avoid the drop!

Wor under pressure manager Steve "I'm in Denial" Bruce haz said that we were playin with a 'false' number 9 (yoo can say that again!) and  'split' strikers yesterday? (whatever thats supposed to mean?)

These bizzare new sayings from Brucey are the latest in a lang line of garbage he spews oot in press conferences! "We are where we are!", "It is what it is!" etc

This haz resulted in a point a game from the last 3 games, az others aroond us pick up a maximum 3 points! ("Its' the accumulation of points at the end of the season!"-----"A points a point, we move on!"---Guess who?)

Az we write this, Bornley have picked up 3 massive points at Evaatin in a 2-1 win to widen the gap to 5 points between us!

Orlier on, Cristill Palliss beat Fat Sam's WBA 1-0 to move 9 points clear of us and virtual safety!

Wot does this mean for NUFC?----well instead of 8 or 9 teams in the relegation battle, there are now anly 5, Brucey!-----2 of which look doomed (Sheff U and WBA) which leaves Fulim, Brightin and NUFC to fill the thord bottom place!

Fulim are at home to Man City soon and we can anly hope and pray that the champions elect can grab the 3 points!

IF Fulim win (god forbid!) then they will move above us by one point!  The Geordie Times won't be watchin' or listenin', for fear of puttin' the 'kiss of death' on the result we want!🙏

We will update later when the above game iz finished at '10:00 bells'

(Brightin play away to Sooothampton tomorrow and IF they win az well, we will drop into the relegation zone!!!!)

Updated '10:00pm bells' 

Man City beat Fulim 3-0 so we can't gan into the bottom 3 even if Brightin win tomorrow!  The result aalso dents Fulim's goal difference, which iz now anly 3 better than wors and we have a game in hand ower them!

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