Saturday 6 March 2021


 Posted '2:14pm bells' Saturday 6th March 2021

Updated '10:00pm bells'

Instead of lookin 'forward' to wor vital game at West Brom tomorrow, wor beleaguered heed coach iz instead determined to look 'backwards' to find the mole that iz leakin' stories aboot trainin' groond bust ups with the likes of Matt Ritchie and the Longstaff bruvvers!

It sounds to us like this iz bein made 'a mountain oot of a mole hill story' for the press and distracts from a more important 'story' from tomorrow in the 'high noon bells' shootout at The Hawthorns!

A ready made excuse in case we draw or lose, perhaps?

Coz if we do, then we fear the worst!

Indeed Bruce has aalready said that this ISN'T a 'must win game', when everybody else knows that it IZ!

In April and May we have 5 tough games in a row comin' up v West Ham, Liverpoool, Lestaa, The Arse and MAN CITY!---Games where we will be lucky to pick any points up at aall!

So YES!--West Brom alang with upcoming games v Brightin and Bornley are aalso MUST WIN games for that reason!

A minute by minute Geordie Times 'laptophoppers' match report will appear here from '11:00am bells' tomorrow!

Az per usual--"Watch this space!"

Update '10:00pm bells'

Mixed bag of results for wor relegation rivals today!

Sooothampton won 2-0 at Sheff U who now look certain to gan doon!  Sooothampton move on to 33points

Bornley drew with The Arse and move on to 29points

Brightin have just lost 2-1 to Lestaa and remain on 26 points, the same az NUFC!  

A win for us tomorrow will take us up to 16th place!---but can we?

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