Saturday 20 March 2021


 Posted from 'high noon bells' onwards, Saturday 20th March 2021

The Middle of Neewhere AMEX Stadium 
(Brightin is in the far distance on the horizon 6 miles away, next to the sea!)

Tooneet at '8 bells' NUFC play wor most important game of the season when we take on Brightin at The Amex!

Fulim's 2-1 defeat last neet woz an unexpected bonus for both us and Brightin in the race for safety!

A win for eethaa side will ease their relegation worries for certain! In wor case we would be 5 points above Fulim with a game in hand and Brighton would be 6 points from 3rd bottom should they win!

We at The Geordie Times hope and pray that Brucey doesnt put 10 men behind the baall and gan for a nil-nil draw, but unfortunately that's wot will probably happen!

We have it from a unreliable source that Almiron woz on the plane yesterday from Toon airport (a friend of a friend of a friend, who works at the airport!) which gives us attacking options!---But will wor 'manager in denial' have a brainwave and actually try to field a team to try and score a goal? (In 7 previous top flight games we have never won and scored just ONE solitary goal against the team who play in the middle of neewhere!) (3 nil-nil draws az well!)

It shud be noted however, that Brightin have won just ONE home game this season in the Premyaa Leegue (v Sporz)

We will of course be sitting by wor laptop at wor hoose, norvisely suppin large quantities of the broon stuff to get us completely comatosed before kick off time!

A minute by minute action report will appear here in due course from '7pm bells' onwards when the teams are annoonced!

Az per usual, "Watch this space!"


*15th minute: Commentator apologises for the industrial language from the NUFC bench!

Aall Brightin so far!  Not good enough!

*24thminute: Commentator    Dubravka in NUFC goal haz had most touches for a NUFC player!  (Just aboot sums it up so far!) Nee shots  27% possession!

*Commentator: 31st minute: Can Bruce survive another hour of this?

*35th minute: Corner to Toon!    Shud we dee a lap of honour?

*39th minute: picture froze on laptop! "Get in!" (Pic comes back on!😳)

*42nd minute  Hayden injured   carried off on stretcher! Hendrick on!

Bruce doesnt even gan ower to console Hayden!

*45+3  goal for Brightin

1-0 doon!

*HT  nee shots on goal

Commentator: This has been a tough watch if you are a Newcasil fan!  (Yoo can say that again!)

*49th minute   Fraser hits Brightin post! 

*51st minute: goal to Brightin--game ower! 

*61st minute: Commentator  Newcasil playing 4-1-4-1 now!

*67th minute   3-0 to brightin   three f***** nil!

FT 3-0  NUFC never had ONE shot on goal in BOTH the 3-0 defeats by Brightin!

'In Denial' Bruce during the match, HIDIN' hiz EYES in his face mask!


And at St. James' Park tooneet!--Some new banners!

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