Friday 12 March 2021


 Posted from '1:50am bells' onwards, Friday 12th March 2021

Sheff Weds record breaker!
(Bruce reacts to a bad Joelinton miss at WBA)

'I'm in Denial' Bruce says he'll take the buck and accepts full responsibility for the mess we are in--and then in total contrast blames covid for wor predicament!????

(ie: I take the blame, but it's not my fault of course!)

A total shambles!

It's matchday at SJP and we take on Villa at '8:00 bells' in yet another must, must win game to avoid dropping into the bottom 3 --It's 'now or never' with just 11 games to gan! 

The good news (if there's any good news involving NUFC?) iz that Villa's top goals scorer Jack Grealish, is oot with a leg injury!

We of course are withoot a trio of key players and who will lead the line tooneet iz anybody's guess? (If anybody?)  

And just wot formation wor tactical genius? of a heed coach will put oot, iz open to debate! (Chuck some available players numbers in the air and gan from there?)

Yoo know, at one time in mee younger days aa used to luv match days and used to get very excited before games!

In complete contrast I am dreading watchin toneet on mee laptop!---There is absolutely nee joy whatsoever in watchin us anymore!

We have went from bein' the most entertaining team in futbaall to the most borin' in the space of 25 years, as we continue the downward momentum thanx to The Fat Controller and hiz advisors!?

(Even a weak shot on goal iz considered a 'plus point' these days!)

The 6.75 million fee we paid Sheff Wed for 59 year old Bruce, iz a club record for them for an out goin' 'transfer'

So Steve Bruce iz indeed a record breaker! (Who, in their right mind would pay such a fee for a twice relegated failed manager!?--anly NUFC of course!)

More to follow on aall this later today!

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