Tuesday 16 March 2021


 Posted '2:00am bells' Tuesday 16th March 2021

    Special thanx to 'Wor Flags'!

Az per usual there iz deathly silence from those at the decision makin end of NUFC!

Not one word aboot wor prediciment from wor absent owner 'The Fat Controller' or MD 'Penfold'!?  To dee nothin', suck your thumbs and hope for the best, iz criminal, az we sink forthaa into the mire!

It iz obvious to everyman and hiz dog that unless Brucey iz shown the door, then the trapdoor will open and we are AALMOST certain be jettisoned doon to The Championship yet again!

Iz this wor fate?  To 'yo-yo' between the top flight and 2nd tier forevermore?

The big difference this time iz that yoo WON'T have fans queuin aroond the block of St James' clammerin' to buy season tickets for the relegation to the Championship! (Az happened when Rafa woz here!)

Instead the exact opposite will happen, az fans, fed up with Bruce's excuses and this dreadful fare, will abandon the sinkin' ship in their thooosands!

Honestly, if we gan doon and get average gates of 30,000 next season I will be amazed, IF the present regime and manager are still here!?

The wage bill of potential ruin!

And of course the players wage bill iz astronomical, with the likes of Joelinton on ower 86 grand a week, with nee relegation clauses in their contracts!----A recipe for disaster!---UNLESS!--The Fat Controller haz something up hiz sleeve aboot the inpendin and never endin takeower saga?

    Again, special thanx to 'Wor flags'!

PS: We at 'The Geordie Times' want Brucey to prove that we are aall wrang!--WE REEELY DEE!🙏

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