Sunday 7 March 2021


 Posted from '11:00am bells' onwards, Sunday 7th March 2021

Looks like a 5-4-1 defensive formation, folks!😳 NIL-NIL looks like the 'target'!

With a combined age of 126, 'Fat Sam the Ugly Man' and 'In Denial Bruce' lock horns in what the media have dubbed 'The Jurassic Park Showdoon' at 'high noon bells'! 
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A Geordie Times mad-sad laptophoppers report will follow with live updates of goals and major incidents---az it happens!

Toon in aall yellow change strip!

*11th minute   Joelinton clean through but tries to pass to Frazer but baall cut oot!  Bruce is furious that Joe didnt score!

Commentator: 1 goal this season! Hasn't quite worked out for him! (Yoo can say that again!)

*23rd minute: Both managers look reasonably happy! (Zzzzz!) How much chewing gum does Sam get through in a season? (Commentator)

NUFC 1 shot on target

*29th minute: Shelvey shot on target, saved by WBA goalie!

*36th minute: Good save from Dubravka in Toon goal!

*HT NIL-NIL! 2 shots on target from Toon  48% possession!  WBA better team!

*56th minute: Krafth sky shot miles ower bar!

57th minute: Gayle on for Hendrick---who looks cheesed off!

60th minute: Willock shot on target, good save by WBA goalie!

70th minute: Joelinton, weak shot on target!

Commentator: you can feel the tension in the stadium! (GT: 26,000 empty seats!?)

*86th minute: Jokelinton, weak heeder easlily saved!

93rd minute: Carroll on to waste time!(on for 20 seconds before ref blew the final whistle!)

93rd minute: ref blows for FT: NIL-NIL az predicted by GT

NUFC still 9 points above WBA and 4 above Fulim who play Liverpoool very soon! "Come on yoo SCOUSERS!"

GT comment: Cannit beleeeve that we are happy with a nil-nil draw, but we are!  Aalso cannit beleeeve that Jokelinton iz still in startin line up!

Updated '4:40pm bells'
Of course, Fulim won at Anfield and they are now just a point behind us in the last relegation place!

NUFC have now won just 2 games oot of the last 18 and unbelievably Bruce iz 'happy' with a point---and had this to say! 
This should read ONE win in six!

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