Thursday 4 March 2021


 Posted '1:20am bells' Thorsday 4th March 2021

News from The Daily Mail that a massive bust up between Matt Richie and 'In Denial' Bruce, happened at the trainin groond on Tuesday, when Richie caalled Bruce a coward for blaming him for not passing instructions on, which led to Wolves equaliser last Saturday neet!

Bruce then barged Richie in retaliation, which amazed and shocked the other players present! 

Bruce said to him, "After all I have done for you!", in which Richie replied, "You've done F*CK ALL for me!"

Many players are unhappy that Bruce iz naming and shaming them in public and not doin' it behind closed doors!

Goalie Karl Darlow anly foond oot he woz dropped in a newspaper report, 2 days before the Wolves game, az Bruce publicly blamed him for one of the goals in the defeat at Man U!

Something will have to give very soon or else aall anarchy will break loose!

"Are yoo listening Fat Controller? Are yoo listening Penfold?"

      This statement packs                some punch!🤜

Footnote: Fulim play Sporz this evenin' and a win for them will drop NUFC into the bottom 3!😳

Updated '8:40pm bells
Both Fulim and WBA lost thanks to VAR
It's up to us now to beat WBA on Sunday!---but will we???

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