Tuesday 30 November 2021


 Posted '3:30pm bells' Tuesday 30th November 2021


You've hord of 'must win games' before ----but this reeely IZ a 'must win game', for failure to do so and not win against Bornley on Saturday at home az well, will make wor survival bid aalmost impossible with games in December against 'The Basil Brush Brigade' of Lestaa, 'The Liverbirds' and both Manc clubs, which we expect will bring ZERO points!

The January transfor window iz wor anly hope of avoidin the drop az half wor current squad played in The Championship in 2016!

But which quality players would come to a team, that more than likely would be relegated???----A release clause at the end of the season if we do gan doon iz one option?

The poison legacy of 'The Fat Controller's failure to sanction the signin of more players in the summer iz provin to be devastatin', with nee wins in 13 Premyaa Leegue games so far!

Last summer wor then MD 'Penfold' said that on the form guide from the season before, we were fifth best team in wor last nine games, and that the squad woz therefore strong enough to finish in the top half of the table this season!---How wrang he woz!!!! 

Az of 'high noon bells' today, there were 178 home tickets available for tooneets game with Nohrich, who are bringin aroond aboot 1,000 fans with them from East Anglia, oot of the 3,000 tickets available!

One section iz segregated and so by wor calculations a crowd of just ower 50,000 will be present at SJP!  The fact that we can get that number through the tornstiles iz amazin', considerin wor plight!

The fact that NUFC are the richest futbaall club in the world makes nee difference with the current weak squad, az wor hands are tied behind wor backs until January!

The fact that we could gan into December withoot a solitary win under wor belt iz unbelievable and Eddie Howe (or anybody else for tht matter), can't make bad players good, ne matter how much yoo try on the trainin' groond!

Lets hope we are not cut adrift by then!----3 points pleeeeze, tooneet and Saturday!

Az per usual a full Geordie Times match report will appear here on Wedinzday!

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