Friday 5 November 2021

"HOWE-WAY-THE-LAD!" (Part 2)

 Posted '2:00am bells' Friday 5th November (bonfire neet!) 2021

Whey! It's finally happened! After the disappointment of Emery's U turn, we have a new manager (in principle!) to replace 'old Broken Nose'!

A two and a half year contract haz been agreed!

Eddie Howe woz NOT The Geordie Times'z forst choice for new manager,  indeed wor choice wasn't even on the list!

Hiz name? Arsene Wenger, who now works for FIFA! (10 major domestic honours with 'The Arse'!)

HOWEver! (sic!) The new regime have made their choice and WE the fans, MUST back him to the hilt in wor quest to avoid relegation--- aall the fault of 'The Fat Controller's refusal to strengthen the squad in the summer, of course!

The HMS Newcastle haz been rudderless for 14 lang years and now at last we have HOPE of steering clear and not hitting the Championship iceberg!

There are great times aheed for certain--mebbeez in 3 or 4 years time--but for now, avoiding gannin doon (again!) iz the top priority!


Eddie's managerial record

*PS: Emery's record in the Spanish Leegue this season, iz nee wins, 1 draw and 3 losses in the last 4 games with Villarreal---and they have won just 2 of their forst 11 games----they sit 13th oot of 18 in the table! (Not that good then!)

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