Monday 8 November 2021


 Posted from 'high noon bells' onwards, Munday 8th November 2021


4 trains to get there and 3 to get back from this groond! ---in the middle of nee where!   (Hence wor name for them!)

We caught the '8:03 bells' train from 'The Central' az per usual and heeded for King's Cross to dump wor bags in The Royal Scot hotel and then onward to The Barrell Vaults (az usual) for a quick 'gargel', before catchin anothaa

 train from St Pancras to Haywards Heath and then anothaa to Lewes, where the main 'garglin' would take place! (Lewes iz on the line to Falmer, where the Amex Stadium sits in the middle of nee where---nee pubs etc!)

We walked up the steep hill from the station, passin several bars that were packed with both Toon and Brightin fans and heeded for the main 'drag' where we knew there woz a boozer that wouldnt be so packed caalled The Brewers Arms

After several 'liquid lubrications' there, it woz time to catch the train to Falmer for the ridiculous '5:30 bells' kick off, hence wor owerneet stay in London, coz we couldn't get back in time to catch the last train yem! 

Az usual there were lang queues to get in az fans were sorched for flares etc by stewerds!

We eventually got in and heeded for wor seats in row 'K' of the away end!

The Toon fans were in good voice, despite the fact that Norwich's win at Brentfaad meant that we were bottom of the table before the game even started!

Failure to win would meeen that this would be wor worst start to a season in wor entire history, az we have never went more than 10 leegue games withoot a win! (this woz game number 11)

We played in wor aall black away kit and attacked the goal where the 3,100 Toon fans were housed!

Unfortunately, we struggled to get oot of wor own half and gave away a dodgy penalty in the minute when Trossard woz adjudged to have fouled in the box by Clark and after a lang VAR check the spot kick woz finally given!

It woz taken by Trossard himself and he hit the baall doon the centre of the goal with Darlow divin to hiz right, to put them 1-0 up! (If Darlow had stood still, he would have saved it!)

Az the halftime whistle went we hadnt had one solitary shot on target in the entire half (az usual!)

The 2nd period woz much better az wor manager elect Eddie Howe watched on next to co owner Amanda Staveley in the directors box!

We actually tried to cross the halfway line and had a few chances before Issac Hayden made the breakthrough for us in the 66th minute with a shot from inside the box to level the score!

The Toon fans were in good voice again az they sang, "We're gonna BUY the Leegue!" (Mebeez not this season lads and lasses--but one for the future---hopefully!)

And then the sendin off of Brightin's goalie Sanchez who brought doon Callum Wilson ootside the box when he would surely have scored if he hadnt been fouled!---Anothaa VAR check and delay and the ref produced the red card to the brightin keeper!

Az they'd used aall their subs their number 5 Dunk, had to gan in goal!

Shelvey lined up the free kick from 25 yards oot and surely he would test the keeper with a shot?----But NO!---he decided to cross to the far post and the baall woz cleared!---A great chance wasted to collect the 3 points and not lang after this the ref blew for full time! (Wot the hell WOZ Shelvey 'finkin' aboot???)

The draw meant that wor worst run in wor history woz extended to 11 winless games! (12 if yoo include the Leegue Cup!)

Attendance: 31,000 (3,100 Toon fans)

The chaotic queue for the train!

After the match we heeded for the queue at the train station to get to Brightin six mies away and had to wait 45 minutes in the queue to get on a train! (arnt yoo glad that WE have a groond in the city centre?)

After a few gargels in The Lord Nelson Inn, we heeded back to the station to catch the train back to London---It woz a torturous jorney, az the supposed one and a qwaater hour jorney, but took 2 hours!--arrivin back at St. Pancras at 'qwaataa to midneet bells'!

Most of the bars were shut by then and so wee heeded back to the hotel for some much needed 'shut eye' "ZZZZzzzz!!!!"---before catchin the train yem on Sunday mornin!

But not before a quick gargel in The Parcel Yard at King's Cross!

11 games withoot a win woz a black day indeed for wor team who played in aall black, but better times are surely aheed for the richest club in the world!

More match pix and some pub pix to follow---when we get time!

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