Saturday 20 November 2021


 Posted 'high noon bells' Friday 19th November 2021

Updated Saturday '10:25am bells'


News that Eddie Howe haz tested positive for Covid yesterday evenin', meeenz that he will miss hiz forst game in charge!----Yi couldn't make it up!---Graeme Jones and Jason Tindall will be on the bench instead az Eddie watches on from hiz hotel in isolation!

He will speak to every player individually via Zoom before the match!


NUFC take on Brentfaad tomorrow at SJP with Eddie Howe in charge for the forst time in a '3:00 bells' start!

We really divvint naa just wot to expect, but expectations are high amonst the fan base and hopefully Eddie haz awoken some of wor players from their slumbers, under wor former manager's 'watch' and that we can expect at least some shots on goal at the very least!

This will be wor 12th attempt to win a Premyaa Leegue game this season (13 games if yoo include the Leegue Cup!) and this iz an unwanted club record from the start of a season, stretchin' back to the 19th century!

It will be very interestin' to see wor startin line up with a full hoose of ower 52,000 present come '3 bells' on Saturday! (We will find oot at '2:00 bells' tomorrow)

We can anly hope that we can get wor forst win of the season and that NUFC can climb oot of danger by Xmas?

It certainly won't be easy, but at least we now have some 'hope' with Eddie and wor new very rich owners in charge!

The January window iz 9 games away, and we must fight tooth and nail to try and escape from the bottom 3 by then!

A tale of the unexpected if we do win against Brentfaad--or if we don't---az the case may be? ๐Ÿ™

A full 'Geordie Times' match report will appear here, az per usual, sometime on Sunday!

The front cover of the match programme tomorrow

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