Friday 18 December 2020


 Posted '2:24am bells' Friday 18th December 2020   Updated Saturday

An empty SJP before the WBA game!  It will be the same for the visit of Liverpoool near the end of the month (sorry aboot the picture quality!)

The north east is to remain under Tier 3 restrictions til at least the end of December at the bequest of Boris and Co!

This meenz that there will be nee NUFC fans allowed into ST. JAMES' PARK for wor Premyaa Leegue game v Liverpoool on December 30th (Wor 14th home game in a row that we cannit watch in the flesh!)

The Northern Leegue haz postponed AALL fixtures for tomorrow az anly 150 fans will be allowed to attend games, with clubhooses forced to close!

 Nee food or drinks can be sold, even at outside kiosks!

Az these clubs depend on food and drink sales to stay afloat, the decision woz taken to cancel games az they are unviable!  (Wot a farce!)

PS: We had planned to gan to Northern Leegue Carlisle City's game V Billingham Synthonia for wor Saturday groundhop fix! (Now off of course!)

We are now gannin to Dunston, where a friendly haz been arranged against The Pit Yakkers of Ashington! (Own cans of ale to be taken in and consumed!)

And then afterwards of course, it's back yem to watch NUFCs home game v Fulim on mee laptop! (Kick off '8:00 bells' on a pirate channel!(Allegedleee!) 

Some bad news though. 2 unnamed Toon players are said to have 'long covid' symptoms and will be missin for a while, while 5 others (aalso unnamed) will be missin az well!

Updated '6:50 pm bells'

'Broken Nose Bruce' haz just said on Look North: "If yoo get 20 points by Christmas you'd be jumpin up and down!" (NUFC have 17) 

This iz just how far wor expectations have faallen in the last 13 years under 'The Fat Controller's leadership? (Oh for a takeower by a Saudi prince!🙏)

Match report on both games in due course!

Updated '12:33pm bells' Saturday 19th December

DUNSTON'S GAME V ASHINGTON HAZ BEEN CAALLED OFF AT THE LAST MINUTE!---so we have nee games to gan tee to get wor Saturday fix!

We have nee idea why, but fear and guess that 'the bat out of hell' virus has struck yet again!🦇😳

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