Tuesday 15 December 2020


 Posted 'just after midneet bells' Tuesday 15th December 2020

News that London has been placed into Tier 3 iz thanx in the main to The Geordie Times who forced Matt Hancock the health secretary into a 'U' turn, to take them oot of Tier 2! (Az they had a much higher infection rate than 'us'!) (See posts below!)

This meenz that aall 6 London Premyaa Leegue clubs can nee langer let fans into their groonds!  

The north east and the rest of the country who were in Tier 3--will remain in the same Tier!

This leaves just 4 sides who can let 2,000 fans in, oot of the 20 top flight clubs!

An unfair advantage to the 2 scouse clubs and 2 from the south coast in Tier 2 (Brighton, Soothampton, Liverpoool and Everton) if yoo ask us!

Until every team iz on the same level playin field, then these 4 teams will surely have the upper hand on the rest!

Aall or nothing!--iz the fairest way!

And az for the boozers enforced closures!-----Roll on 2021!

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