Monday 14 December 2020


 Posted '2:28pm bells' Munday 14th December 2020


News that pubs and restaurants in London are pleading with Boris not to put them into Tier 3, as it will be the death knell for them!---But wot aboot the north east which has been in total pub lockdoon for the last 7 weeks!

         Poor old London---But wot aboot US!?

Aalso, even when pubs here could open a '10:00 pm bells' restriction woz imposed, which woz totally unnecessary! (Az it has torned oot!)

The infection rate in London is HIGHER now than it iz 'here', where infection rates have been halved!

Of course London clubs can aalso admit 2,000 fans to their groonds, while St. James' Park must stay 'fan free'!-- grossly unfair on aall counts!

Indeed government ministers have admitted that there iz nee evidence to back up the claim that shuttin pubs etc haz saved a single life!

(Wot a farce--pub workers are losin their job for nee reason at aall!)

๐Ÿ˜ณ ๐Ÿ˜ฑ ๐Ÿฅถ


There will be 'hell on' if we stay in Tier 3 and London stays in Tier 2!

We await in trepidation az to the decision!

*Footnote: London is known as 'The smoke' as pollution levels were 'sky high' 100 years ago!

PS: The Geordie Times haz publishin' a coronavirus 'Premyaa Leegue table' below!

Az per usual, "Watch this space!"

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