Saturday 26 December 2020


 Posted from '12:54pm bells' onwards, Boxin' Day 2020


🠜ETIHAD STADIUMπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

At odds of 25/1 for NUFC to win in Manchester today, the bookies have more than likely got it right! (we are 66/1 to win 1-0!)

The Geordie Times will be watchin the game via a laptop (and hopefully not hidin' behind the settee!) on a pirate channel πŸ•±(alledgedleee!) kick off '8:00 bells' (BT---and )

But look on the bright side!----we have anly lost at 'The Etihad' 11 times in a row, in the Premyaa Leegue! 

In total we have played there in the leegue 15 times since it opened in 2003-2004, drawin twice and losin 13 times! Man City have scored 42 times to wor 8  (Wor one and anly success woz a 2-0 win in the Leegue Cup in 2014-2015)

Aalso! NUFC have lost wor last 5 games played on Boxin' Day!---So nothin' to worry aboot, then!?

And lets hope if we DEE get beat that wor manager 'Broken Nose Bruce' doesn't come oot with one of the followin ridiculous statements, which he haz trotted oot many times before, after a defeat!

"We've got to dust ourselves down and carry on!"    "I'm not everybody's cup of tea!"  "I'm not making excuses---BUT!"       "We've got to roll our sleeves up!"    "It iz wot it iz!" πŸ œ(whatever THAT'S supposed to mean???)

Bookies odds on him sayin' one of the above are 2/1 !

Footnote: "BELLA TO THE RESCUE?"    'Storm Bella' iz due to hit the north west of England tooneet,  bringin' torrential rain and storm force gales!

Therefore a possible postponement becoz of a waaterlogged pitch could save Brucey's bacon! (NOT hiz bacon sarnies by the way!--he'll definitely scoff them!)🐽🐽

A Geordie Times 'laptop' match report to follow!

PS: We will publish the team line up in a new post when it comes through at aroond aboot '7:00 bells', plus any goals az they happen from the '8:00 bells' kick off! (Hope we're not tooo busy!)


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