Friday 1 May 2020


Posted 'midneet bells' Friday 1st May 2020
                                           "AMANDA IN! *** FAT CONTROLLER OUT!"

The NUFC takeower iz allegedly, finally, hopefully, gannih happen sometime today!



The deal brokered by Amanda Staveley to finally rid us of 'The Fat Controller' iz slowly---oh! so slowly!---reachin' 'the end game'!

We honestly have nee idea if this will happen today, but Toon fans have been waitin 13 lang sufferin' years aalready, with deathly silence from both parties!
 This haz seen us lookin on the internet, on Facebook, on Twitter, on WhatsApp, on, on line tabloids, on the telly etc. scrawlin' for any scrap of info, in the hope that the deal finally gans through and that we can get wor great club back at last!

If mee WhatsApp page gans mental when get up later, then aa naa that a decision has been finally reached!
Hopefully in the reet direction!🙏

We will soon find oot later today (or NOT az the case MAY be!?)

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