Friday 15 May 2020


Posted '12:44pm bells' Friday 15th May 2020
Updated '1:35pm bells'

Today is said to be the day that exclusivity for the Saudi takeower group ends!

So a decision is surely forthcomin' soon after yet more spanners were 'hoyed into the NUFC works' by 2 Tory MPs durin the week, demandin' that the takeower shud be rejected!

Take a look at the top photo which shows talks between the UK and Saudis aboot billion pound trade deals from the UK to Saudi Arabia!

It reely iz double standards if we can trade freely with them but not allow the takeower to happen!

Don't forget that those who object will have expensive cars, which need to be filled up with petrol every now and again!
And quite a bit of that petrol exported to the UK comes from the Saudi oil fields!

Are these protesters not gannin to fill their cars up when their tanks run low?
We 'fink' not!---another case of double standards!

It seems incredible to us Toon fans that they can try and scupper wor deal, while they are happy to sell arms and buy petrol from them!

Let's hope everybody sees sense and passes the deal--or else the massive recession forecast from the 'bat out of hell's corona virus will get much, much worse if the Saudis sever links with the UK!

Like we say the deadline for the takeower talks has reached 'the end game' and so sommik MUST happen very, very soon!

Updated '1:35pm bells'
Some encouragin news haz just reached The Geordie Times from Mal the Inglish Skoool Teechaa! (Hiz sppellin'--not wors!)

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