Wednesday 6 May 2020


Posted '2:00pm bells' Wedinzday 6th May 2020


There have been some ridiculous suggestions on how to restart the Premyaa Leegue, like playin games on neutral groonds to stop fans congregating ootside their home grounds, shud the matches be played there!

Put it this way, say 'The Liverbirds' can win the leegue at neutral Villa Park in Bormingham.

Do the the people in charge reeely 'fink' that Scousers wont make the relatively short 90 odd mile journey to the west Midlands to celebrate? (Teams, it's said, will travel 'near' equal distances from their home bases for games, so the likes of Liverpoool and NUFC will play games nee forthaa south than the Midlands!---allegedly!)

Villa Park (one of the neutral groonds mentioned), iz surrounded by residential streets, which wud be impossible for 'The Dibble' to police!

Dinosaur PFA chairman Gordon 'is a Moron' Taylor haz made the ridiculous suggestion that games cud be shortened to less than 45 minutes each half and that extra subs cud be on the bench to replace 'tired legs'?

The integrity of The Premyaa Leegue wud be smashed to pieces if this happened!
And of course, denying teams like Brightin home advantage against the 'big guns' wud be grossly unfair! (This includes NUFC who are still to play them away!)

Why not gan 'the whole hog' and play 2 completly different teams in each half, like often happens in pre season friendlies!???

It's crazy!  But so is Gordon 'the Moron' Taylor for even thinkin aboot shortening a game, which has been played ower 90 minutes for the last 140 years at least! 

'5 a side' games are anothaa option, to fit the 92 matches to be played, into a short period of time! (It's a wonder that the PFA chairman hazzent had 'a brain-wave' and thought of this az well!?)

Its said by Nick Parry the chairman of the EFL, that crowd problems at home venues in the lower leegues wont be a problem and clubs in those leegues CAN play behind closed doors at home groonds!

Reeely? Suppose Leeedz can win 'The Championship' at Elland Road---how wud yoo stop fans gatherin' ootside their groond---and more importantly--wud The West Yorkshire 'Dibble' allow this?---I 'fink' not!

The best way forward iz to WAIT til 'the bat out of hell' pandemic iz under control and play the rest of this season up til Xmas if nessesary!    

Next season shud be played entirely in 2021 (with a break for 'The Euros' in the summer) and the followin season entirely in 2022 with The World Cup at the end of that year!

Boris iz to make a speech next Sunday aboot liftin restrictions, but will futbaall be one of them?

Az per usual---"Watch this space for forthaa developments!"

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