Tuesday 22 September 2020

344 new meadow, shrewsbury

Ground number 344
Date of First Visit: 8th October 2019
New Meadow (aka Montgomery Waters Meadow), Shrewsbury
(141st ground visited that has staged Premier League/Football League games watchin' NUFC)
Shrewsbury Town 3
Newcastle United U21s 0

EFL Trophy group stage
Attendance: 1,408 (55 Toon fans in away section, plus several others in main stand (I coonted 65 Toon fans?)
                             The Toon (in orange) attack the away end goal (2nd half)


I had to dee mee normal truck run to Manchester on Munday neet, but woz delayed doon there and aa finally left at '2:10am bells'!
Aa got back to Tyneside at '5:00am bells' and got to bed half an hour later! "ZZZZZzzzzz!!!!!"

After less than 3 hours kip, aa woz up again to catch the '10:18 bells' train to----MANCHESTER!---and heeded for 'The Piccadilly Tap' for swift 'gargel', 11 hours after leavin Manchester in mee truck!----and then it woz onward to Shrewsbury, where we arrived at '2:55pm bells'!

With loads on time on wor hands before the 7:30 bells kick off, we did a mini pub crawl aroond the many bars in the toon centre after dumping wor bags at wor digs!

Anothaa new groond for The NUFC mad-sad groundhoppers woz ticked off the list when we visited Shrewbury's (nearly) new abode on the very outskirts of the town next to an industrial estate and retail park, some 3 miles from the toon centre!
Some of the 50 odd Toon fans in the away section
Lookin towards the sparsely filled main stand

The Shrews were far too strong for this young Magpies team and we were soundly beaten by the Leegue One side in front of a sparse crowd, which seems to be the norm in this competition!
It's a nice 10,000 seater stadium, but it's on the wrang place!!!
(Their old Gay Meadow groond woz near the toon centre!)

Anyway!  We fell behind in the 22nd minute when a Shrewsbury player who's name I cant remember put them in front with a shot inside the box
Their lead woz doubled in the 33rd minute when Cummins sent in a powerful header which beat Dan Langley The Toon keeper, aall ends up!

We reely wornt at the races and this woz a poor show indeed!

We were a bit better in the 2nd half as we kicked towards the 55 Toon faithful in the stand behind that goal! (I counted 65 but the official coont woz 10 less?----must 'clue up' on mee maths!)

Allen and Fernandez both hit the woodwork, but it woz the home side who put the final nail in wor coffin when Edwards fired in with just 3 mins left on the clock with just 3 minutes left of the 90!

A bad result which puts us oot of the competition as we sit bottom of the group with just 1 game to play (v Port Vale)

A nice touch happened at the end, when the tannoy annooncer said that 55 Newcasil fans were in the away end, which brought loud applause from the home section. The 55 NUFC fans applauded their appreciation back! (Divvint forget, this woz wor RESORVE team v their forst team!)

The 'drowning of the sorrows' took place in 'The Nags Head' back in the centre of Shrewsbury, but not before having to wait half an hour for wor pre booked taxi to pick us up from the groond! (Nee tip for him, then!)

We had to get 3 trains back today (Wednizday)---One from Shrewsbury to Stockport (near Manchester!)---One from Stockport to Donny---and one from Donny to The Toon
Wor last train woz delayed coz of a fire on a train at Croxdale near Darlo station---and a 'jumper' at Newark station!---The FIFTH train journey to an away game 'in a row', where we have been delayed this season!ðŸ˜ģ

Updated 3:48pm bells'
The f***in' train never torned up after waitin' an hour and a half--- so in desperation, we jumped on a Cross Country train with LNER tickets!
The ticket inspector said it woz ok to get on!

Will be claimin a full refund YET AGAIN!

Updated '4:50pm bells' onwards
We eventually arrived back at 'The Central' (station) at '4:45 bells' and aa caught a bus yem.  Had a quick nosebag and an update on this story and then went to work to drive back to-----(YEEV GUESSED IT!)------MANCHESTER!!!

Much more on this story tomorrow, when aa get the time.
 I am writing this on mee mobile tellin' bone at the mo!

PS: Aa naa it soonds az though we 'make some of theeze stories up' ---but its TRUE---here iz a photo of the train fire az reported in 'The Ronny Gill'!







*Updated Thorsday dinnaatime

My tales of woe didn't end when aa got off the train.
I went to work at '7:00pm bells' (Wedinzday) to find that there woz nee diesel in the wagon and no fuel card!
I had to phone a gaffer up who woz at home and woz 'non too pleezed' when he torned up at '7:30 bells' to open the warehouse and get me a diesel card!
After fillin' the diesel tank up I eventually left for Manchester at '8:00 bells' and because of that the 'A1M' woz shut for 12 miles in north Yorkshire for owerneet roadworks and the 'M62' woz shut near Leeds!
On the way back (and to put anothaa spanner in the works!) the 'A1M' woz shut near Durham!

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