Friday 25 September 2020


 Posted '11:11am bells' Friday 25th September 2020

                             "GEORDIES STAY AT HOME---WATCH IT ON THE TELLY!"

News that the behind closed doors games will continue for  the next six months fills us with dread!

That will be a whole year since we last saw The Toon kick a baall in anger in a live game (Sooothampton away last March!)

Since then NUFC have played 14 competitive games and 6 friendlies, with not a fan in sight!

Empty stadiums with advorts and club slogans hidin some of the empty seats iz now becomin 'normal', az we watch on from tellys and laptops in wor hooses, pubs and clubs!  Canned crowd noise to make us 'fink' that fans are present iz anothaa 'turn off'!

Futbaall isn't futbaall withoot fans!

Wor biggest away win in wor entire history waz played oot in front of empty seats on Wedinzday in the 7-0 thrashin of Morecambe in the Leegue Cup, with not one Toon fan there to witness it! 

(Apart from former player John Anderson in the Radio Newcasil commentary box!)

NO! a'm afraid many diehard fans are not watchin anymore and instead are heedin for the lower non leegue scene, where up to 400 fans are allowed in!

Personally, I HATE watchin us on 'the box' with 2 minute time delays, where fans get goal alerts on their mobiles, before the goal haz been scored on the telly!

Live? 'streams' on wor laptops, freeze (which happened to me aboot 8 times in wor game v Bleakburn Rovers!) and we pay £10 for that 'privilege'!

NO! from now on I personally will watch a live non leegue game, where the clubhoose iz the forst 'port o call' and the fence aroond the pitch iz the second!

Aa meeen! we cannit even watch NUFC resorves or juniors in action az they are aall behind closed doors az well!

Mee groundhoppin 'plan' iz to try and watch matches on az many Tyneside groonds az aa can, from the Northern Premyaa Leegue North Division to the Northern Alliance and see just how many I can dee before we are allowed back into St. James' Park and NUFC away games again! 

So far this season a'v been to 2 Northern Alliance games (Wide Open v Heddon United and North Sheeeldz Athletic v Cullercoats), 1 Northern Leegue game (Heaton Stan v Carlisle City) and 1 Northern Premier Leegue North game (Dunston v Marine)

Tomorrow a'm off to Dunston again and plans are afoot to visit Newcasil Blue Star and Porcy Main Amataaz in the near future!

Match report from Dunston v Colne and of course NUFCs 'telly game' away to Sporz on Sunday (az viewed from Rosies Bar!), will appear here eethaa on Sunday or Munday!

Az per usual!---"Watch this space!"


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