Wednesday 23 September 2020


Posted from '7:00pm bells' onwards, Wedinzday 23rd September 2020

We face Morecambe tooneet in Lancashire for a place the 4th roond of the Leegue Cup against Newport away!

Live updates will be posted from kick off time at '7:45 bells'

Toon team: Gillespie, Yedlin, Lascelles, Clark, Krafth, Hayden, 
S Longstaff, Murphy, Almiron, Richie, Joelinton
Subs: Darlow, Carroll, Shelvey, Wilson, Hendrick, Frazer, Barlaser

5th minute: GOAL! Toon take the lead through Joelinton with a right footed shot from the centre of the penalty area! 
Almiron goal

20th minute: GOAL! Toon double wor lead through Almiron with a left footed shot from right hand side of 6 yard box!

27th minute: GOAL! We are runnin riot now az Murphy gets in on the act with a left footed shot from ootside the box!--Surely nee way back for Morecambe now!?

31st minute: GOAL! Joelinton gets his 2nd with a right footed shot from ootside the box to top right hand corner!

33rd minute: RED CARD for Morecambe's Diagouraga!

45+2: GOAL! Hayden with a right footed shot!

Morecambe 0 
The Toon 5! 

51st minute: GOAL! Lascelles heeder from 6 yard box from a Ritchie cross!   SIX-nil!

86th minute: Ryan Frazer heeder hits the bar

90+1: GOAL! Own goal by Sam Lavelle 

FT Morecambe 0 
The Toon 7  (SKY sayz it's wor biggest away win EVER!)
Typical---and we wornt there to see it live!
I remember that we beat Notts Coonty 7-1 away in the Leegue Cup many moons ago!

An excellent away win, but to put things into context, Cambridge beat Morecambe 5-0 at Morecambe 4 days ago!
And Morecambe had 11 players on the pitch the whole match!

We now play Newport Coonty away next week in the next roond!
A groond that 'The NUFC mad-sad groundhoppers' have never been tee, and WON'T be!😭 az of course its behind closed doors!

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